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The best Windsurf holidays!The best Windsurf holidays!The best Windsurf holidays!The best Windsurf holidays!The best Windsurf holidays!


Tarifa is a very famous windsurfing destination, purely for the incredible wind. Tarifa often reaches 40 knots, and that’s not stormy weather, it’s with beautiful clear skies and warm waters. Even with the vast number of windsurfers and kitesurfers visiting each year, an effort has been made to not spoil the traditional Andalucian atmosphere. The ‘white villages’ are beautiful, with numerous traditional restaurants serving tapas, and people flamenco and sevillana dancing until the early hours.


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the spot

Tarifa is located on the southernmost tip of the European continent, where the Strait of Gibraltar and the African coast are so close that they almost touch. This creates a jet effect on the wind, producing the powerful Levante wind, which blows from the east (cross offshore from the left). The other wind source is the Poniente, which is a dry northwesterly which blows from the west of Tarifa (sideshore to cross onshore). The Levante is the most common in the summer months between April and August.


Tarifa can be ideal for kids, though the vast majority of the time the winds are far too strong to teach kids, however it is available at one of our centres when the conditions allow it. The traditional Andalusian feel and friendly locals welcome kids, and the will love the extra activities.

the wind

During summer time the dominating wind is the Levante blowing from the east (cross offshore from the left), in autumn and spring it is the Poniente blowing from the west (sideshore to cross onshore).


The extra activities to try out are Kitesurfing, SUP, Surfing, Golf, Tennis, Yoga, Rock Climbing, Mountain biking in the beautiful mountains behind Tarifa, horse riding along the beach, and whale watching where you are either guaranteed a sighting or you get free trips until you do! Fairy boats leave several times a day from the harbour in Tarifa, for day trips to Tangier in Morocco. Sevilla, Malaga and Rhonda are typical Andalusian cities nearby Tarifa, where you will find traditional spanish tapas bars and quirky shopping.


Tarifa has a wicked night life that really gets rolling at around 1 AM. You can party until the morning and not have to worry about sleeping through the wind as it’s just always there.


UK / EU passport holders: A full 10 year passport valid until at least 6 months after date of return. No visa required. Other passport holders :Please check with Spanish Consulate (020 7589 8989)


There are no compulsory inoculations if travelling from the UK but we recommend to check with your GP for the latest advice.

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