The Nile, the temples, the pyramids, the valleys, the beaches Ė Egypt is plenty of amazing places that will make time stand still. Visitors will discover that those legendary pyramids are only the tip of the archaeological iceberg. Ancient Greeks, Christians, Romans, pharaonic nations and Arab dynasties have all built a part of impressive Egyptís architecture. Cairoís medieval core has remained intact since the founding days of Islam, and itís surrounded by the city charming chaos whirr. Out west, Egyptís countryside of sand extends infinitely to the Sahara, with several oases feeding quiet islands of green. Bubbling springs and ghostly rock formations are interspersed with medieval fortresses, who cower out here. In the meantime, coral are splashing the bottom of the deep, crystal waters of the Red Sea, that itís full of underwater life.

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Why You'll love Wind Surfing in Egypt !

  • Fantastic new Goya and Quattro gear for rental

Dahab is currently on 'stop sale' for to Foreign Office advising against travel to this region. We have alternative dive resorts in Egypt including Soma Bay and Hurghada, which are both arguably better than Dahab in many ways.

The Dahab windsurf resort has long been thought of as one of the best windsurf holiday destinations in Egypt as well as being a‘must visit’places for most avid windsurfers. Dahab is just a 90 minute transfer from Sharm airport which is on of the best serviced airports in Egypt with many flights from a good number of regional UK and European airports. 
Planet Windsurf recommend Dahab for all types of windsurfer whether traveling alone or with family or partners. It is a great location to introduce the sports to first timers, especially children. The advantage of Dahab is the good range of nice hotels, all with on-site windsurf centres, yet in a quiet location away from the over commercialized big Egypt resorts. However, despite being a tranquil location around the Dahab windsurf lagoon there are still some great places to eat out just a short taxi ride away at the local town of Masbat. 
Dahab is also a great location for a multi watersports holidays as you can windsurf, kitesurf, scuba dive, waterski and wakeboard within the resort.
As with all of our resorts we only work with the very best Dahab Windsurf centres and Dahab accommodation, all tried and tested by our experienced windsurf travel experts. We have amazing prices for holidays to Dahab and it is hard to find a location that offers such good value for money in such a fanatic windsurf location.
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Whereas the temples of Luxor and the pyramids of Giza are highlights for travellers interested in Egyptian culture, Safaga is regarded as a dream spot for windsurfers and kiters.

Located about 50 kilometres south of Hurghada, this site offers not only numerous diving bases but is arguably one of the best windsurfing and kitesurfing spots in Egypt. Spacious sandy beaches extend around the deep sea port of Safaga, and one of our largest and best equipped Club Mistral centres is located right on one of the most beautiful and widest beaches of them all!

The contrast between the azure and turquoise colours of the ocean and the barren desert landscape makes this area an impressive holiday setting and will turn your vacation into a wind-filled desert experience.

About 3.5 km away, Tobia Island awaits your visit – a small sandy cay surrounded by turquoise water. Joining one of our famous surfing outings to this destination alone makes a vacation in Safaga worthwhile.

Our insider tips:

Excursion to Luxor, Kiteboard trip to Kiriazi Bay, BBQ in Safaga, Video evening, Snorkelling and diving excursions

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Soma Bay is a luxury holidays resort on the Red Sea Coast in Egypt at 45 kilometers south of Hurghada International Airport, the ten million square meters, self-contained community of Soma Bay is surrounded on all sides by the sea. It boasts year round sunshine and mild temperatures. Unique to Soma Bay are it's white sandy beaches and panoramic views of desert mountains.
The resort offers a combination of a high standard hotels and a quiet relaxing location. The resort is spit into 2 areas: Abu Soma (to the south of the main bay) and Soma Bay (the main resort on the North side).
Soma Bay is a secluded spot for those wishing to just relax in luxury if not on the water. However, there are a variety of excursions, tours and day trips to the interior of this fascinating country. Egypt is probably the world's oldest civilization having emerged from the Nile Valley around 3,100 years ago. This "Gift of the Nile", as described by Herodotus, boasts a longer recorded history than any other country on earth. A country of legends and mysteries, the birthplace of ancient civilization with a third of the world's most magnificent and awesome monuments and treasures. 


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Hurghada in Egypt is a great value windsurf holiday destination just a 5 hour flights from the UK and other main European departure airports. There are few windsurf holiday resorts that offer such a long wind season, great value quality accommodation and world class windsurfing, especially good for beginner and improver's. New for 2015 is our new superb windsurf school based at the Mecure Hotel. This windsurf centre in Hurghada is to be run by one of the most experienced and professional teams in Egypt. There will be all new equipment every year along with superb service and instruction.

Hurghada town itself is not the prettiest of places ! There are a few really good beach bars, restaurant and clubs but it is important to find the good spots amongst the rest. The hotels in Hurghada are spread out over several kilometers of beach south of Hurghada town so whilst staying at your chosen resort you will not see any of the more undesirable areas. As with most of Egypt there are really only a hand full of very good hotels and it is important to get the right advice; of course here at Planet Travel we will make sure that you get the right resort along with our unbias expert advice.

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