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Best Wind Surfing Season


Why You'll Love Windsurfing In St Martin!

  • Reliable trade winds for most of the year
  • A great wave destination thanks to the outer reef
  • A wide choice of other activities to enjoy, both on and off the water


Saint Martin is a lovely little island of luscious rolling hills, beautiful beaches and warm seas situated on the boarders of the Greater and Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Being just 95 km² it is the smallest land in the world to be shared by 2 different nations – and harmoniously for nearly 350 years. The Dutch Saint Maarten (St Martin) occupies around one third of the island and is dominated by duty-free shopping, casinos and cruise ship tourism. The French Saint Martin, where our centre and hotels are, has an emphasis on nature, relaxation, elegance, luxury, pristine beaches and fine cuisine.

The Seasons In St Martin

On the eastern coast, the area recieves the reliable as ever trade winds, which blow side on shore from the left between the months of November and March. June to September also brings reliable wind, blowing side on from the right.

As well as being a windy destinations, St Martin has the added bonus of also offering awesome waves for the majority of the year, on the outside reef. November to March brings waves ranging from 1m to 3m, which pick back up for June and July. The reef is a great way to have the best of both worlds, as it leaves the inner bay beautifully flat. Perfect for beginners and freestylers.

Other Activities In St Martin

As well as windsurfing and kitesurfing, St Martin offers a wide choice of other activities both on and off the water.

The waves are great for traditional surfing and Stand Up Surfing (SUP), with conditions suitable for beginners and advanced. The centre has it's own catamaran which will sail out to the surf spots, saving precious energy, and allowing friend and families to relax, take pictures, and get a close up view of the action.

Wake boarding and waterskiing can be arranged for light wind days, along with parasailing for a real adrenaline rush.

On land activities include Trekking/Hiking, Quad Biking, Horse Riding, 18 Hole Golf Course, Mountain Biking, and Parachuting.

Kids In St Martin

St Martin is a safe and friendly place to take your kids. Although it's not packed with hotels offering kids clubcs for evry hour of the day, there are loads of activities that they will enjoy, like visiting the mesmorising butterfly farm.

For kids 6 years and above, who can swim, the conditions are perfect for learning how to surf, putting them in great sted to be a true ripper in a few years to come. Kids equipment is also available for learning to windsurf and kitesurf, though weight and height restrictions do apply, it is a great place to introduce your kids to the world of watersports.

The Area

1 km wide sandy lagoon sailing area with some standing areas, protected by an outer reef 400m from the shore offering great wave riding conditions. The water is warm, flat and safe – a perfect learning environment as well as fantastic freeride and freestyle conditions.

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