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Morocco Is Home To Some Of The World's Most Reliable And Most Exciting windsurf Locations. It Is Also One Of The Most Fascinating And Charismatic Countries To Visit In The World. Situated In The North West Tip Of The African Continent, Morocco Has Over 3500 kms. Of Coastline. The Excellent Winds Ensure That Vast Ranges Of Windsurfing Conditions Are Always Available, And This Is Why Morocco Is Sought Out By windsurfers. The Coastline Of Morocco Is The Perfect Location For An Unparalleled Windsurfing Experience, It Offers An Unforgettable Lifetime Experience And The Ideal Mix Of Having Fun And Windsurfing Epic Moroccan Waves. Morocco Is A Great Year-round Windsurfing Holiday’s Destination Which Offers An Attractive Combination Of Sunshine, Wind, Waves And Cultural Experience.

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Why You'll Love Windsurfing In Morocco!

  • A Planet favourite! A unique yet perfect multi level spot with 70-80% year round wind reliability
  • Access to a vast flat water lagoon from your accommodation as well as 4 wave spots with 30 minutes
  • A great range of room choices from shared chalets to superior VIP luxury rooms with all mod cons

Did you know...

Morocco is located only 13 kilometres from Europe across the Strait of Gibraltar. Ethnically, Moroccans are predominately of Berber (North African indigenous) and Arabic decent. Oukaïmeden, in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains, is the highest ski resort in Africa. 

Essaouira is a very culturally interesting place, with masses of tradition still remaining throughout the un-spoilt Morrocan charm of the town, port, and beaches.

The fascinating culture combined with the reliable strong winds make Essaouira a great windsurf holiday destination for both windsurfers and non windsurfers alike. On the water the conditions are most suitable for the more confident windsurfer as the wind is quite strong and there are waves in a many parts of the bay. Beginner and improvers are catered for but it can be that that some afternoons are too difficult at this level.

Planet offer tailor made tours in Morocco to combine the watersports with some of the cultural sites of the country. Please see our suggest tour itineraries for some examples or speak to an expert travel advisor for a personalised itinerary.

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In the middle of the western Sahara, 1500 km away from Casablanca, is a town called Dakhla situated on a small peninsula of the Atlantic coast called Rio de Oro. At 30km from the city and 10km from the sea, you find a wonderful blue lagoon with an incredible windstatistic….a true windsurf paradise. The wind stats in this expanse are just amazing so you can sail the whole year in Dakhla (even in December & January, the lowest wind season, it is still 60% reliable) !! The water is perfectly flat with huge shallow expanses; just perfect for beginners & improvers; simply the best spot on earth to learn to windsurf.

Dakhla has recently also become a very ‘trendy’ location for the more affluent Moroccans to come for a few days to experience the wildness and beauty that this area has to offer. Mostly these visitors come for just a few days to take in the tranquility of the area, go on boat excursions, surf at the wave place and perhaps have a few windsurf lessons.

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