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Best Wind Surfing Season


Why You'll Love Windsurfing In Tobago!

  • A typical Caribbean setting with turquoise water and white sandy beaches
  • Easy freestyle location with wind that never really gets too strong
  • Flat shallow waters perfect for beginners or for blasting intermediates and advanced sailors


Tobago is one of the Caribbean's unspoiled islands; its fantastic beauty and natural charm slowly hypnotise the visitor into daydreams of staying long past their original return dates. At Pigeon Point the offshore Bucco reef has created an ideal tropical lagoon windsurfing & kitesurfing set-up. Acting as a breakwater the reef protects the Bon Accord Lagoon from the turbulence of the open Caribbean Sea.

Pigeon Point In Tobago

If you could paint a picture of a Caribbean beach then Pigeon Point would be it. Some of the most amazing turquoise water lapping against a beautiful white sandy beach, with grass roof huts scattered around and swaying palm trees overhanging. Many images of Pigeon Point have been used in magazines and brochures, which reinforces the beauty of the spot even more. All this combined makes for a totally fantastic experience and an even better location for participating in you boardsport of choice.

The windsurfing and kitesurfing takes play inside Buccoo Bay which on the inside of Pigeon Point. Easy freeriding or freestyle is usually the order of the day with the wind never really getting too strong. The outside of the bay is flanked by an offshore reef that stops all the swells coming onto the inside. It is possible to sail in the surf, but a degree of ability and skill is needed as you are quite a way from shore. Its flat shallow waters are great for the cautious beginner windsurfer, but also excellent for blasting intermediates and advanced sailors. Tobago is the ultimate windsurfing location for couples or families with mixed abilities.

Pigeon Point for many years was privately owned land but has since been re-purchased by the Government for the benefit of the local people. But one thing to bare in mind is if you are not participating in water borne activity then you do have to pay to use the beach facilities which costs around TT$18pp.

Mt Irvine Bay - Wave Spot

If the swell is big then head to Mt Irvine Bay. You will be treated to some seriously hollow wave action that breaks over a shallow sand and reef bottom. It can be sailed but is more a surfing wave due how fast it breaks.

Other Spots Around Tobago

There are other windsurfing/kiting and surfing spots on the island but they may take a bit of hunting down and may only be for the experienced. If you are prepared to do a little searching, then who knows what you may find!

The Wind

The winds are normally east to north east from October to May, averaging 12 to 20 knots. During spring they switch east to south east, about 8 to 15 knots until the rainy season in July. There is always the occasional exceptional day in between. November to January have the most constant strong winds. Tobago is basically a freeriders dream! The best intermediate and basic level learning conditions are in August to December, as low tide makes water conditions very smooth in the lagoon. June usually produces the strongest winds averaging 25 knots.

Drink And Dine In Tobago

A pick of our favourites...

Blue Crab Restaurant, Scarborough

No one is more deserving of the title 'Hostess with the Most­est' as Mrs Sardinha at the Blue Crab Restaurant. At seventy­three years young, Mrs S is brimming with hilarious anecdotes, opinions and words of advice that ensure there is never a dull moment when she is about. Mr Sardinha's food matches the high standards that his wife sets in her hostessing, serving succulent chicken and fish alongside Caribbean favourites such as plantain, coconut ice cream and of course, rum punch. Authentically Tobagonian in its high spirits and cuisine, dining at the Blue Crab restaurant is an essential part of a trip to Tobago.

The Fish Pot, Black Rock

The Fish Pot lives up to it's name serving a wide variety of locally sourced fish of all shapes and sizes including barracuda, wahoo, mahi­mahi and crayfish. Pick a table out on the veranda if you want to take in the atmosphere, music and chatter from the surrounding establishments in the vibrant Black Rock area. Be sure to save room for dessert and go for the coconut cheesecake ­ it's known to be the best on the island.

The Suckhole, Charlotteville

A stones throw from the ocean in the beautiful Charlottesville bay sits the Suckhole restaurant. If you want an excuse to relax on the beach then make this your spot. It's a small establishment with just a few staff so expect to wait a while if you are with a large group or the restaurant is busy. If you're not in a hurry, their delicious, sizeable portions are well worth the wait.

Jemma's Sea View Kitchen, Speyside

Another delicious, ocean­front restaurant is Jemma's Sea View Kitchen in the Speyside Bay. In true Caribbean style the restaurant does indeed run on Caribbean time but do not let the waiting put you off! The look and taste of Jemma's menu is just what you'd expect to find on an authentic Caribbean family's kitchen table.

La Tartaruga, Buccoo

If you fancy a change from the traditional Caribbean cuisine Tobago has to offer make sure to book yourselves a table at italian restaurant La Tartaruga. La Tartaruga's fine menu, passionate host and al fresco dining create an atmosphere that takes you back to Europe and into Italy for the evening. Gabriele, the restaurant's host is refreshingly enthusiastic about his menu which is made up of the very finest selection of italian cuisine including homemade pasta and delicious desserts. The wine selection is equally as impressive with the wine cellar holding over 200 italian selections.

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