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Turkey Is Located At A Point Where The Three Continents Making Up The Old World, Asia, Africa And Europe Are Closest To Each Other, And Straddle The Point Where Europe And Asia Meet. It Is A Country That Represents A Cultural Mixture, A Synthesis Of East And West, While It Geographically Bridges Europe And Asia. Turkey Has Hundreds Of Miles Of Coastline That Stretches From The Warm Mediterranean, Through The Aegean And Into The Black Sea, So Naturally Has A Wide Variety Of Opportunities For Windsurfing. There Are Many Stunning Locations Along The Coast Offering Property In Turkey Close By To Great Beaches With Many Different Water Sports. Turkey Has Become One Of The World's Top Windsurfing Locations Thanks To Its Protected, Shallow Water And Strong, Reliable Wind. It Is An Established Destination For Windsurfers From Across Europe And A Venue For International Competitions, Which Attract Thousands Of Spectators Each Summer.

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Why You'll Love Windsurfing In Turkey!

  • Excellent windsurfing conditions offering butter flat turquoise water and reliable wind
  • Perfect wind conditions for both beginner and intermediate windsurfers
  • The combination of specially trained instructors, warm shallow water, light winds and an excellent range of children's equipment makes it the perfect place for youngsters to learn to windsurf

Did you know...

Turkey has a rich cultural heritage with 13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites found within the country. Turkey is said to have given the world tulips, wheat and barley while coffee and cherries were also first cultivated in Turkey. Today Turkey's Grand Bazaar is thought to be the largest outdoor market in the world. 

Placed on the Cesme Peninsula, Alacati is the perfect surf point in the Turkish Aegean Sea. Who does not dream of rushing over flat, turquoise water with consistent and reliable wind? With Izmir just a 3 hour flight away, and the transfer to Alacati only 60 minutes, it is the perfect windsurfing destination.

Alacati is called the "St. Tropez of Turkey" with its beautiful historical town and many coffee shops and terraces, Alacati is a stunnng destination with a lot to offer. In nearby Cesme, several shops and boutiques tempt you to shop to your hearts content!

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