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Best Wind Surfing Season


Why You'll Love Windsurfing In Jericoacoara!

  • One of the most reliable wind destinations in the world
  • A bustling vibe with a variety of small bars and restaurants
  • Non-stop sailing for independent windsurfers

Windsurfing Holidays To Jericoacoara

The wind here is without a doubt some of the most reliable in the world, especially the last half of the year, when the wind continuously blows like crazy. So if you like strong wind this is worth considering.  What was once a small fishing village is now a bustling lively place with many posadas, small bars and restaurants. During high season this location can get very busy so it is not for everyone. In recent years there has been a hand full of very good accommodations catering for a more discerning client.

So if you are looking for a destination to provide non-stop sailing and a lively atmosphere Jericoacoara is perfect for you!

The Weather In Jercoacoara

The coastline in Jeri runs EW, therefore in perfect line with the equator. Thus allowing the unobstructed trade winds all the way from Africa to hit with full force.  It arrives in June and stays until January/February. The vast majority of theses days (90%), offer 4.2 - 4.7 sailing conditions, and 3.5 or less for the ladies.

The air temperature in Jericoacoara hovers around 30-33 degrees all year round, combined with 30 degrees (85F) water, be sure to leave your wetsuit at home!

Windsurf Sailing Areas In Jericoacoara

The Point is the main windsurfing area, and the most popular. The glassy flat waters make it a freestylers heaven, and a great place for intermediates to progress, and work their way up to Malhada. A spot located further up wind from The Point, ideal for more advanced windsurfers. Here you will find clean starboard jumping ramps, absolutely perfect for those inversion junkies.


Due to the very strong wind and restricted windsurf zone we suggest Jericoarcoara for good intermediate to advanced sailors.

Extra Activities In Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara has a wide range of off the water activities, such as Buggy Tours to fresh water lagoons (Paraiso, Azul, Tatajuba). Or Sunset Sandboarding, on sunset dune, where at the bottom you can take lessons in the traditional Capoeira dance.

Other watersports are SUP'ing and Surfing (best done early morning). For KItesurfing it is best to head to Prea, see our Prea Kitesurfing website for more on this.

Nightlife In Jericoacoara

Start by sitting on top of 'Sunset Dune', slightly west of the village. After watching the spectacular sunset, go see the 'Capoeiristas' practicing their unique art of capoeira, a martial art dating back to the days of the slave trade, when slaves disguised martial arts within their 'so called' dance.

For a such a little village Jeri parties hard! As soon as the sun has gone down the lively night life starts rolling with bars playing  live music, including 'Forro', traditional up beat dance music from the northeast region. Once enough Caiprihinas have been consumed the dancing tends to spill out onto the streets and beaches.

Kids In Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara is definitely suited best for adults, and families with teenagers. The conditions don't allow tuition for young kids as the wind is too strong, and there aren't any kids specific activities in the area.

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Best Wind Surfing Season

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The team at Planet Windsurf were very helpful in booking the holiday. A better selection of boards would have been nice at the kite centre but there was just enough. Also a few boards had damaged noses - I would have liked to try them but they didn't repair them at all in the 3 week stay. Luckily they weren't busy otherwise there would have a shortage of sails and boards. However, the staff were helpful and friendly.


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