The legendary beauty of Saint Lucia provides the perfect backdrop for adventure: mountains to climb, forests to explore, an underwater world to discover. The ancients revered Saint Lucia -- Ioüanalao or Hewanorra, as it was called -- and fought to preserve it. In recent decades, the famous have returned here to find solace in this enchanted place Sea and sun naturally play a large role in the island's appeal. Lounging under a thatched hut, exotic cocktail in hand is one way to enjoy the legendary beach scenes of Saint Lucia, but for those who envision more adventurous water activities, most major resorts provide opportunities for such activities as skiing, laser or sunfish sailing and windsurfing. For a loftier pursuit, parasailing is available in the Rodney Bay area in the north of the island. Saint Lucia is a place that has it all, so that means that you can do it all. Whether you want adventures like scenic helicopter excursions, mountain-biking, exhilerating ATV rides or you want to go horseback riding on a stunning beach, it's all here!

Things To Do In Saint Lucia

Local shops are generally open weekdays 8.30am to 4.00pm and on Saturday 8.00am to noon. There are a wide variety of shopping experiences from the Castries market to Pointe Seraphine and La Place Carenage. A variety of shopping malls with extended opening hours offer a wide selection of boutiques and restaurants. Most hotels have boutiques and vendors markets

Saint Lucia has a large variety of European and International restaurants offering romantic candlelight dinners and a sophisticated ambience to casual dining that features savoury local specialties like callaloo, curry, and pepperpot stew. 
Saint Lucia is known for the variety of its music and the local people never miss an opportunity to display their love for it. Most hotels and some restaurants offer entertainment.

Travel Health For Saint Lucia

Ask your travel health expert (e.g. GP, practice nurse or travel clinic) around 8 weeks before your trip to provide you with up-to-date information and vaccines to ensure your travels are safe and enjoyable. It is vital to ensure that all members of your party have adequate health and travel insurance cover, which includes cover for any ‘higher risk’ activities you are likely to take part in.

Saint Lucia Entry Requirements

You will need to ensure that you have correct documentation for your holiday including a full passport valid for the minimum period of 6 months from the date of entry into St Lucia. British Passport holders don’t need a visa to enter Saint Lucia for visits up to 42 days.

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