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For a country of its size, Kenya sure packs a lot in: mountains and deserts, colourful tribal culture, beaches and coral reefs, and some of Africa’s best wildlife attractions. In fact, to say Kenya is Africa in microcosm would not be stretching the point. There are a million different reasons to go there, and picking just one is nigh impossible. During your windsurf holiday to Kenya you can explore stunning landscapes, from Kakamegas rainforests to Indian Ocean beaches by way of Mt Kenya National Park; the rolling grasslands of the Masai Mara to searing deserts on the shores of the Jade Sea. Kenya offers a great holiday destination for the watersport enthusiast as you can snorkel, dive, Kitesurf and Windsurf in most of the Kenya resorts. Windsurfing holidays in Kenya are mostly focused around Nyali Beach and Diani Beach. Generally there is not a huge amount of windsurfing equipment in these resorts and the equipment tends to be a mixture of new and older gear. A windsurfing holiday to Kenya is best considered as part of a tailor made tour to combine wildlife safaris, trekking and beach holiday. Planet Windsurf Holidays have many years experience in East Africa arranging luxury tailor made tours.

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Why You'll love Wind Surfing in Kenya !

  • One of the most beautiful beaches in the world, away from the main tourist areas
  • Great conditions for all skill levels and for blasting
  • Safari add on tours can be easily combined with your holiday