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Prasonisi in a small wind haven at the very far south of the Island of Rhodes, approximately a 1 and a half hour drive from Rhodes airport. This resort is dedicated to kitesurfers and windsurfers with very reliable strong wind, super centres with the very latest equipment, and both super flat water and small waves spot right next to each other. Prasonisi is the ideal resort for those who want to spend as much time on the water as possible as that is the only reason people stay here! The accommodations are quite basic, but ideally located right on the beach, and in a totally unspoilt area of this beautiful island. There are no swimming pools, bars or other resort facilities that come with the more general holiday resorts. However, for the windsurfer or kitesurfer this place is absolute heaven!

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the spot

Want flat water and waves in the same spot? This is the place! Prasonisi sailing area basically consists of 2 bays backing onto one another with the wind blowing directly across the sandy beach between them. Therefore, you have one bay with offshore wind / super flat water and the other bay with onshore wind / small waves (maximum 2 metres). There is a good rescue service for windsurfers and kitesurfers which makes sailing on the offshore side quite safe and really good fun.

the wind

The wind in Prasonisi is very strong and very reliable, normally you would expect 25 - 26 days per month of 20 - 30 knots!! It’s the NW “Meltemi” trade wind that blows across the whole Med in the summer. Hot weather in mainland Europe creates a very dry and very stable high pressure which funnels this NW wind through the Greek Islands. Due to local topography, the wind funnels through the island opposite Prasonisi and the large hill behind it Prasonisi will usually have a force stronger than elsewhere on the island. The windsurfing season is May to mid October with the strongest winds in July/August. The local wind is a thermal effect so it's best in the summer months. It's worth noting that the wind here seems to be dominated by local effects so the windguru forecast doesn't bear much relation to the actual conditions.


There is not really anything to do in Prasonisi other than windsurfing / kitesurfing, but on the odd non-windy day (if there is one!) a road trip along the West coast makes for a great day out. This side of the island is stunning with many charming small villages and beaches to visit, plus an amazing Castle set on a rocky outcrop with stunning views of the surrounding area.


Make your own entertainment & enjoy some drinks in the hotel bars. The locals are very friendly even if they do have a habit of playing awful Greek pop tunes! There is a varied international windsurfing community as well so you can swap gybing stories. If you want a change of scene, head to Lindos (a 40 mins drive away costing 40 - 50 euro one way for a 4 person taxi). Lindos is a traditional Greek fishing town not yet ruined by the tourist trade. Fantastic food on open, rooftop restaurants followed by some dancing in one of the Euro bars makes for a pleasant evening.

Resort Summary

Beginners 08/10
Advanced 10/10
Waves 03/10
Family Friendly 01/10
Single Friendly 08/10
Eating Out 01/10
Nightlife 01/10
Un-spolit 10/10
Culture 03/10
Luxury Hotel 01/10
Multi Activity 01/10
Spa 01/10

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