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Bonaire Windsurfing Holidays

Overview Of Bonaire

Bonaire, and its small sister island Klien Bonaire, is one of three islands in the Caribbean making up the Dutch Antilles or ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao) and is one of the least tourist-developed and visited of the islands, yet both on land and under the sea, one of the Caribbean's most striking. It is located just north of Venezuela, south of the hurricane belt offering a year round stable climate. Apart from being an amazing windsurf location Bonaire also offer world class diving and so makes for an ideal windsurf / dive combination holiday.

The island of Bonaire offers a friendly environment for all visitors. Couples can enjoy each other's company, even if one likes to sail and the other likes to enjoy the beach. And it is the ideal place for a family holiday.
Children can also begin the lessons from four years old!

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The Climate In Bonaire

The tropical climate enhanced by north east trade winds.

Annual averages - Temperature: 82º F (28º C); Rainfall: 22”; Water temperature: 80º F (27º C)

Bonaire is equally good all year around.

The Wind Season In Bonaire

The wind in Bonaire is fairly good all year but the highest wind period historically has been from May to July; the lowest wind season is October / November.

The best place to Kitesurf on Bonaire, where our partner Kitesurf school operates from, in Pink Beach on the south west of the island; this wind here is cross-off show making for super flat water easy conditions. As with all of our locations we offer safety cover and service at this location.

Things To Do In Bonaire

Approximately 50% of the annual visitors to Bonaire are drawn by the scuba diving but there are also many attractions for the non-divers. A number of activities are available, from hiking and sightseeing in the enormous Washington-Slagbaai National Park at the north-western end of the island, to shopping, snorkeling and bird watching.

Bonaire is generally a very 'laid back' resort and so there is no major nightlife. There are some nice restaurants, a couple of good bars but no nightclubs. Evenings are best spent over a good meal and a few drinks.

The Accommodation In Bonaire

As with all of our destinations we have spent considerable time and effort inspecting the available hotels and other accommodations in Bonaire so that we are able to recommend the best options.

In Bonaire we can offer anything from 5* beach from hotels like the Bonaire Harbour Village through the more laid back informal style like Bamboo Bali. All the hotels are between 10 and 25 minutes drive to the kitesurf and windsurf beachs so we will include a car in your holiday quote.

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