Why You'll love Wind Surfing in Moulay !

  • A perfect wave spot for independent riders
  • Not much else except enjoy time on the water, eat, sleep and repeat
  • Quaint accommodation where you can relax after a long active day

Overview Of Moulay In Morocco

The small village of Moulay is around 30 minutes drive North of the better known old town of Essaouira. Moulay is a pure wave spot for confident independent riders - you don't need to be expert wave rider as there are some small waves (as well as the bigger) and a relatively easy launch spot. There is really nothing in Moulay except for amazing Kitesurfing and windsurfing. We work with a couple if very charming small accommodations in Moulay offering simply charm an character as a base where you can relax after a hard day on the water. Essaouira is close enough to take a taxi too on any rare no wind days or for an evening out.

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Best Wind Surfing Season

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The Conditions In Moulay

On an average day the waves at Moulay are very accessable from a sandy beach launch. A few tacks up wind will get you into ther thick of it for some down the line wave sailng :) 

The wind is normaly side shore and blows strong for most of the year. The best wave season in spring and autumn, the strongest wind is in the summer. 

Being an Atlantic destination the water is cold..ish, most will wear full 3.2 wetsuite, some even more. Air tempreture is from mid 20's up to mid 30's.

The Wind

The wind in Moulay is created from a northerly thermal, which blows cross on-shore from the north east (starboard). If you see any direction other than north or north east on the forecast, the wind wont blow, it's as simple as that.

Extra Activities

For when the wind is predicted to blow from the wrong direction, other activities available include SUP, Surfing, Body Boarding, Sea Kayaking, Golf, Tennis, Quadbiking, Diving, Mountain Biking, Trekking, Hot air ballooning, Fishing, Horse Riding, Camel Trekking. Or a visit into the nearby town Essaouira.


Moulay is not an ideal location for kids, however for families with windsurfers eager to experience the wave riding in Moulay, a better option would be to stay in Essasouri, a 30 minutes drive away. Essaouira is still not the most ideal, but you will find bigger beaches with camel rides, and a beautiful cultural town.


The evenings and nights in Moulay are very relaxed and laid-back. For a lively night life, Essaouri (30 min away) is a place you can easily go to. There you will find live music, bars, and a few night clubs.

Eating out is a must during a trip to Morocco. The typical 'tagines' are traditional stews, made with fresh ingredients and always a hit. Especially when washed down with a teapot of sweet, fresh, mint tea.

Resort Summary

  • Beginners
  • Advanced
  • Waves
  • Family Friendly
  • Single Friendly
  • Eating Out
  • Nightlife
  • Un spolit
  • Culture
  • Luxury Hotel
  • Multi Activity
  • Spa

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