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The best Windsurf holidays!The best Windsurf holidays!

Djerba Windsurf Holidays Overview


The Sahara in the Mediterranean combined with a desert island sums up Djerba. The ideal location if your looking for the ultimate laid-back experience. The northern most country on the African continent provides all year sun and hot weather, with safe beaches and extraordinarily hospitable people.

          A kitesurfing holiday in Djerba is ideal for families traveling with children, the water and wind is ideal for introducing kids to the abundance of fun in watersports, and kids clubs are offered for very young children.

Best Wind Surfing Season

Very good good normal bad
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The spot

The windsurfing area is located right infront of our center, where there is a shallow water area covering between 20 and 50 meters depending on tide, with a mix of flat and choppy water it is ideal for beginners and intermediates. The windsurfing area is located up wind from the kitesurf area, minmizing water traffic, and in turn allowing beginners to feel safe as houses.

The wind in Djerba


In the summer months the wind blows from the east (cross-on from the right) with moderate force and consistency. Creating safe conditions for beginners and kids.

         In Spring and Autumn, the wind swings to cross-off from the left with 4-6 Beaufort, thus creating a little swell, great for more advanced windsurfers.


A lot of evening entertainment in Djerba is held in hotels. But in Houmt Souq, the only city on the island, you will find an array of lively bars, discos, and a casino.

        Due to the port in Houmt Souq, you will find fantastic fish dishes in restaurants in Djerba. Other specialities include a lot of cous cous with meats, fishes, vegetables, and spices.


A watersport holiday in Djerba is ideal for families with kids, especially ones looking to get into watersports. Catamaran sailing in particular is a great activity for families with kids,

The hotels Raddison Blue, and The Park Inn both offer kids clubs

Resort Summary

Beginners 10/10
Advanced 06/10
Waves 03/10
Family Friendly 08/10
Single Friendly 03/10
Eating Out 04/10
Nightlife 04/10
Un-spolit 04/10
Culture 07/10
Luxury Hotel 09/10
Multi Activity 06/10
Spa 09/10

Top recommended Luxury Hotels

Hotels in djerba: Radisson BLU

5* Radisson BLU

Hotels in djerba: Park Inn Ulysse Resort & Thalasso

5* Park Inn Ulysse Resort & Thalasso