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The best Windsurf holidays!The best Windsurf holidays!The best Windsurf holidays!The best Windsurf holidays!The best Windsurf holidays!

General overview of Le Morne in Mauritius.

"Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius" wrote Mark Twain a good 100 years ago. The famous writer was not wrong. Bizarre mountain peaks, magnificent palm-fringed beaches, colourful coral reefs, shimmering azure lagoons, and amazing wind from May to November makes Mauritius one of the world very best windsurfers and kitesurfers destinations.

One the big attractions for windsurfers and kitesurfers in Mauritius is the incredible conditions for all levels from flat water lagoons to perfect peeling waves. For families and couples looking for luxury accommodation Planet have a selection of some of the best hotels in Mauritius just a stones through away. 

There is a lot of other superb resorts on Mauritius island and also on the neighbouring islands of Reunion and Rodriquez, Planet Travel are specialists in tailor made tours to this area so please call and speak to an expert travel professional about combining your stay in Le Morne with a wide range of other locations.

Our insider tips:

Market in Quatre Borne,Island sightseeing tour, Black River National Park, Snorkelling and diving, Boat trip: swimming with the dolphins and picknick, Trekking on the Mountain "Brabant le Morne"

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Planet suggested tour itineraries in MAURITIUS

the spot

A dream spot: a white sandy beach, a turquoise lagoon and shallow water. The whole lagoon is surrounded by a reef, which is 600 metres off the beach. Depending on the tide, the water might be so shallow at low tide that sometimes neither the reef nor the lagoon can be surfed. Within the lagoon there is enough space for speed racing or practicing gybes and water starts. Outside you can find two wave spots: “Little Reef” with modest waves and “Manawa” for experienced windsurfers, who can participate in one of the regular surfing excursions to this spot.The famous “One Eye” is only suitable for experts. Windsurfing tuition takes place directly in front of the centre in an area which is shared by experienced kitesurfers and windsurfers. The courses for kitesurfing beginners are held in a protected and in parts waist-deep lagoon. We recommend wearing shoes in the lagoon. In case there is not enough wind for wind- or kitesurfing, our center also offers 12 SUP boards. Moreover Mauritius has several excellent surfing spots, which can be reached directly from the centre. Surf rental is only available together with supervision and is only bookable on site. It is crucial that you observe our on-site team's instructions, as the current, tides and waves may be somewhat dangerous, depending on conditions - and your safety is our top priority!

The Flat water and wave spots in Le Morne

Le Morne offers a variety of sports for different levels of SUP. Directly in front of the centre is a turquoise flatwater lagoon which is best for beginners.
A reef 600 meters off-shore surrounds the lagoon, and is an advanced riders heaven!
Outside of the lagoon you can find two wave spots: ‘Little Reef’ which is the next step up from flat water paddling, where you will really begin your journey to ‘Manawa’, a reef further out from Little Reef and reserved only for experienced riders.


Mauritius can be a challenging windsurfing spot. For the kids we have a big lagoon with shallow water. In the morning there are light winds which are perfect for the kids lesson.

the wind

The wind usually blows from east or southeast (sideshore from the left) and reaches a strength of 3-5 beaufort on average during summer in the southern hemisphere and about 4-6 beaufort during winter. In winter (April to October), the trade wind shows its best side. Between December and April there can be heavy rainfall.


Other than the board sports offered, diving can be arranged, trekking is available and sampling the local Creole/French cuisine is a must. There are also some really good Chinese restaurants on the island (as quite a large proportion of the population are Chinese).


Many of the evening activities revolve around sipping on a well deserved "sundowner" before indulging in some of the great local food cooked on an open barbeque underneath the stars. Needles to say, Mauritius is not a destination for those seeking a lively club scene! Prices on the island are not the cheapest, but the quality more than makes up for this.

Resort Summary

Beginners 08/10
Advanced 10/10
Waves 10/10
Family Friendly 07/10
Single Friendly 03/10
Eating Out 08/10
Nightlife 03/10
Un-spolit 08/10
Culture 08/10
Luxury Hotel 10/10
Multi Activity 10/10
Spa 10/10

Top recommended Luxury Hotels

Hotels in le morne: The St Regis Mauritius Resort

5* The St Regis Mauritius Resort

From £2500
Hotels in le morne: Lux Le Morne

5* Lux Le Morne

From £1650
Hotels in le morne: Chamarel Boutique Lodge

5* Chamarel Boutique Lodge

Hotels in le morne: La Gaulette Superior Apartment

4* La Gaulette Superior Apartment

From £999