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The best Windsurf holidays!The best Windsurf holidays!The best Windsurf holidays!The best Windsurf holidays!The best Windsurf holidays!


Historically speaking, Egypt is not only one of the world's oldest civilizations but probably also one of the oldest holiday destinations in the world. The ancient Greeks, Romans and others came here to rest and recuperate. There is much more in Egypt than pyramids and monuments - windsurfing and scuba diving in the Red Sea, for example, vibrant night spots, luxury hotels and restaurants. Egypt is a rewarding cultural experience. Nowadays, besides the gigantic pyramids from the era of the Pharaohs, we find modern wonders of the world such as the huge Aswan Dam, which has given the Upper Egyptian Nile Valley a new face. Marsa Alam is Egypt's unfinished rare diamond, just waiting to be shaped. With the beautiful Wai El-Gemal National Park, Marsa Alam is an unspoilt protected area, appealing to nature orientated people. It is not uncommon to see turtles coming to lay their eggs on the beach!

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the spot

In Marsa Alam a great windsurfing spot with constant sideshore wind from the left awaits you. A lagoon with shallow water offers ideal conditions for windsurfing beginner courses, and of course intermediates and experts also get their money’s worth!

the wind

The launching area is in a shallow water lagoon. As soon as you sail out of this lagoon, moderate waves invite you to jump and play. The height of the waves depends on the wind strength but they are always easy to control and safe. On your way back to the lagoon you can really plane through all manoeuvres. The conditions offer a unique mixture of shallow water and dominating waves further outside, thus definitely creating diversity. Here in Marsa Alam, the wind blows particularly steadily and consistently and does not turn, thus maximising the effective wind hours you can spend on your board.


The other main activity in Marsa Alam, other than windsurfing, is Scuba Diving. The diving here is most suited to the slightly more experienced divers as you will need at least 50 logged dives to get out to the best dive site at the off shore reef of Elphinstone and Dolphin House. However, there are still plenty of excellent spots for snorkeller and beginner divers along the miles of fringing reef that dominate this coastline.


There is no nightlife to speak of except for the bars and restaurant within the hotel, which are excellent.


UK / EU passport holders: A full 10 year passport valid until at least 6 months after date of return. You will require a full Egypt visa for entry into Marsa Alam. The easiest way to get it is on arrival at Marsa Alam Airport where it will cost £12. It can also be obtained in advance from the Egyptian Embassy at a cost of £15 - £20.


There are no compulsory inoculations if traveling from the UK but we recommend to check with your GP for the latest advice.

flight time

5 1/2 Hours


Our windsurfing spot has a big lagoon with flat, shallow water where teaching can take place in any tide condition as the lagoon always has enough water. The lagoon offers perfect conditions for kids lessons and we offer them for all levels. There is a big choice of kids equipment at the center in a seperate kid's corner.

Resort Summary

Beginners 07/10
Advanced 10/10
Waves 04/10
Family Friendly 02/10
Single Friendly 03/10
Eating Out 01/10
Nightlife 01/10
Un-spolit 10/10
Culture 08/10
Luxury Hotel 08/10
Multi Activity 03/10
Spa 03/10

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