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Sal Windsurfing Holidays

Sal Windsurf Holiday General Impressions

Sal in one of the Cape Verde islands just of the coast of North West Africa (south of the Canary Islands). During the winter months from November to April this is one of the few close very reliable windy winter destinations that you can go.

There are few good hotels in Sal (amougst a lot of bad) but for those looking for the best hotel Sal, and our recommend property, we suggest the Morabeza Hotel in Sal as a great choice. For those clients traveling with non windsurfing partners or family as we understand how important the right hotel and location is.

When it comes to the windsurfing in Sal there are 3 main spot; in the main bay of Santa Maria beach (where most of the accommodation is also based), Penta Leme which is great for blasting (min level waterstart) and of course Ponte Preta for down th eline wave riding. Sal is not ideal for learning, although of course we offer a full range of courses, for a beginner windsurf holiday we woudl suggest the island of Boa Vista as much better.

The Cape Verde islands are very well know by wave sailers. There are some small easy waves at the far end of the main Santa Maria beach for those that want to gibe it a go in a safe spot or if you are very confident then Ponte Preta (about a 25 minute drive to the West Coast) is an phenomenal 'full-on' wave spot. At the outside section in Ponte Leme there is some nice swell to place on.

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The Spots In Sal

The main are for windsurfing is Santa Maria at the southern end of Sal. The bay at Santa Maria has a 4 Km stretch of beautiful white sandy beaches. This is the best area for beginners and intermediates.

For more experienced windsurfers, and enthusiastic wave novices, Ponte Leme is perfect. Here you will find clean, unbreaking waves up to 2 meters.

The most famous wave spot on Sal is at Ponta Preta; a must visit spot if only even to watch the extraordinary 3 to 6 meter wave peeling just 50 meters from the shore line. This is only for advanced windsurfers as there is cross off shore wind (perfect wave sailing direction) with no safety cover.

The Wind In Sal

Thanks to their position within the winter trade-wind belt, the Cape Verde islands supply steady force 4 to force 5 windsurfing conditions from November until May.

On the main Santa Maria beach the cross-offshore, or side-shore wind from the left enables effortless upwind sailing to the various sections of the beach.

Things To Do In Sal

The main activity, aside from windsurfing or kitesurfing, is scuba diving. The dive centres have an excellent set-up and offers a full range of courses and daily diving.

Other activities Sal offers are Buggy Tours, SUP, Boat trips to Boa Vista, Surfing, Quadbiking, and full island tours are also available.

The Nightlife In Sal

Santa Maria has a few clubs with regular live music, restaurants and bars with a friendly buzzing atmosphere.

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