Recommended Hotels in Diani

Guide price based on one week flight inclusive package per person (UK flights & airport transfers or car hire where needed). Other european and world wide flights available. Sports prices are additional as required (see sports center pages for more on this).

  • HOTEL in diani

    5* Nomads Boutique Beach Resort

    Diani From £1250
    Set on 225 meters of pristine greensward with uninterrupted vistas over one of the most beautiful stretches of this legendary beach, The Sands is the inspiration of the celebrated local artist, Mario Scianna, who is already renowned for his work in creating two of the south coasts most stylish bar...
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  • HOTEL in diani

    3* Kenyaways Beach House

    Diani From £850
    The Kenyaways Beach House is in a perfect location right on the beach of Galu Diani on the South coast of Mombasa, East Africa. The guesthouse and restaurant overlooks the most stunning beach which you won’t believe until you see it. The beach expands as far as the eye can see, with palm tre...
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