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Punta San Carlos Windsurfing Holidays

Baja Windsurf Holiday Overview

Placed in the west shore of Mexico, in the Gulf of California; Punta San Carlos is a windsurfers heaven! The rural location, which is 50 miles from the nearest town, is a watersports mecca. Offering a wide range of windsurfing spots, along with kitesurfing, SUP, Surfing, Mountain biking, and all at no extra cost!

There are no luxury hotels with spas here, instead all accommodation is tented. However these aren't your usuall weekend camping tents, they're really comfy, with masses of pillows, comfy beds, and set on protected carpeted tarmac. All hot meals are prepared for you, with soft drinks, spirits, and alcoholic beverages also included in the price.

There’s an added value to this adventure, the transfer from San Diego to Punta San Carlos is made by a light aircraft, so you can arrive the spot in a little time and practice windsurf the same day you arrive and the same day you leave.

Another point to make about Punta San Carlos is that although the days are hot, the evenings are cool, allowing comfortable nights.

Best Wind Surfing Season

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Baja Windsurf Spots

- Beachbreak: This is beginner’s favorite wave, it’s long and soft and really easy to get in and out.

- The Point: A really windy section, the wave is more taxing and breaks with more power than the one in the Beachbreak. The wave breaks far from the shore and there’s a logic extended riding into The Chili Point.

- The Chili Point: There’s a reef in the middle of the bay so the wave breaks left and right of it, you’ll need to know how to manage waves and have at least, an intermediate level.

- Bombora: Great for jumping and quick wave riding end & outs.

Baja Facilities

Deluxe tents are at your disposal and all your bedding needs will be provided. Bathrooms, hot private showers, multi media activity room, bar, & lounge, these are some of the facilities that will make you feel at home.

There is private instruction and coaching available: windsurfing & kitesurfing (intermediate ability level required), surfing, stand up paddle board, mountain biking and digital photography.

If you are travelling with non-windsurfers there’s a wide range of activities they can practice with no added cost; mountain bikes, kayaks, stand up paddle boards and surfboards are at their disposal.


Punta San Carlos - Baja California, is not an ideal destination for kids, as all the activities revolve around sports, the conditions are not suitable for kids to learn or practice, and there is no kids equipment available on site.

Punta San Carlos - Baja California Nightlife

Being a destinations that entirely revolves around kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, SUP, and general sports, it is not geared up for crazy nights. Evenings are best spent enjoying the delicious meals, in a social atmosphere, discussing your day on the water.

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