Top 5 flat water windsurf spots in the world

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Top 5 flat water windsurf spots in the world

You might have seen videos of the world’s best windsurfers riding waves and catching huge air on extremely choppy water. And while that’s the ultimate aim, you only get there after thousands of hours of building skill and confidence in less challenging conditions. That’s why lagoons, with their wide-open spaces, shallow and flat water, and reliable winds are the perfect place for beginners to learn to windsurf and intermediate windsurfers to practice new skills.

Plus, although you won’t be pulling off any big air tricks, riding flat water across a vast and deserted lagoon is still plenty of fun. Of course, not every lagoon is the same, and with that in mind, we’ve created our list of the top five flat water lagoons from around the world:

1. Windsurf Langebaan

Located about an hour from the city of Cape Town, itself a top spot for windsurfing, the huge lagoon at Langebaan is blessed with 95% wind reliability during the South African summer months. The water is generally flat or has a small chop and the large knee-deep lagoon has enough space for everyone. It also has to be one of the safest places in the world to learn to windsurf. After a hard day on the water, you can also enjoy the great value food and wine that South Africa is famous for.


2. Windsurf Le Morne

Sitting in the shadow of the mighty Le Morne Brabant Mountain, this flat-water lagoon is one of Mauritius’ top windsurfing spots. Southeast trade winds are reliable and generally blow all day, especially in Mauritius’ winter months from June to October. The water is shallow, clear and warm so it’s perfect for beginners who spend more time in the water than more advanced riders. And the stunning natural surroundings also make it an experience to remember.


3. Windsurf Bonaire

One-third of the Dutch Antilles ABC islands, along with Aruba and Curacao, Bonaire is, without doubt, one of the best destinations in the Carribean for windsurfing. Head to the east side of the island and the vast Lac Bay for year round winds and quiet waters. There is little tourism infrastructure at the bay sso you’ll need to travel for 15 to 20 minutes at the start and end of each day, but that only means the lagoon is less crowded. And there is ample accommodation for all budgets in the main areas of the island.



4. Windsurf Dakhla

Around 1,500 kilometres south of Casablanca in Morocco you’ll find the inland lagoon of Dakhla. This vast blue water is shallow and completely flat and with 70 to 80% wind reliability all year round. It’s one of the world’s best flat water destinations in the world for windsurfing. And if you want to make the step up, there are four wave spots within 30 minutes. The lagoon is also huge, so you can launch
from right in front of your hotel or take a ride round to one of the many other secluded spots.


5. Windsurf Fuerteventura

At just a few hours form the UK by direct flight, Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands is the closest of these top lagoons to the UK, but also one of the best. Sotavento in the south of the island has reliable wind and offers a mix of shallow, flat lagoons and full on wave sailing spots. Across the island, you can also find flat water at Corralejo and Costa Calma.