The best island destinations for a windsurf holiday

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The best island destinations for a windsurf holiday

Islands, surrounded by water and often exposed to wind, naturally make a great location for a windsurfing holiday. But it’s all about finding the right spot, with reliable winds, good water conditions and a range of accommodation options.

Here are some of the world’s best island destinations for your next windsurfing holiday:

Windsurf Fuerteventura

With a name that literally translates as ‘Strong Wind’, you just know that conditions on this island are going to be great. It’s the second largest of the Canary Islands and also the least developed. For windsurfers, this means that you can find a variety of spots on the island, without those tourist crowds. Tradewinds buffet the island creating superb conditions for much of the year, which is why the island also hosts a variety of windsurfing championships. Beginners should check out Sotavento Beach, with its wide sandy area and gentler winds closer to the shore, while wave sailors will also enjoy the different spots found around Sotavento. Costa Calma offers amazing clean wind and a great flat water area that is fantastic for blasting, while Corralejo is the main tourist hub of the island. Great for families, Corralejo offers a range of conditions for all levels.


Windsurf Mauritius

Almost impeccable windsurfing conditions abound in Mauritius. Reliable trade winds, flat water and big lagoons all add up to create an ideal destination to hit the water. In addition, if you choose to windsurf Mauritius, you not only get to enjoy the world class waves and flat water, but also a choice of luxury accommodation options. Windy season is between May and November, which coincides with the low season for regular tourists, so you get to enjoy high-end accommodation at affordable prices. 


Windsurf Bonaire

As one of three islands that make up the Dutch Antilles, Bonaire offers a windsurfing paradise in the Caribbean. Here you will find a huge beautiful flat water lagoon with a great new windsurf centre located right on the spot and very good hotel directly the water’s edge. Offering wind virtually all year round, this is one of the best places in the world to learn to windsurf or improve your skills. There is also great diving and snorkelling on the island if you want to enjoy a multi-sport holiday.


Windsurf Cape Verde

Cape Verde, or Cabo Verde as it is now known, is one of the only warm and reliable wind destinations within a short haul flight of the UK. The season runs from November to April and conditions are suitable for all levels of windsurfer. Cape Verde consists of 10 islands lying off
the coast of mainland Africa, each having its own unique blend of conditions, culture and accommodation. The two main windsurfing islands are Sal and Boa Vista, both boasting excellent windsurfing facilities and a good range of accommodation.


Windsurf Sardinia

White sandy beaches and crystal clear waters – it’s like you’re on a windsurfing holiday in the Caribbean. Yet it’s only a two-hour flight from the UK. The windiest spot on the island, and therefore the best place to windsurf, is Porto Pollo. It’s a huge bay with plenty of space
for both beginners and experienced riders. The spot is not located near any major tourist resorts so does involve a short drive to get there but then it also means you don’t have to fight for space with holidaymakers.