Improve your skills on a windsurfing holiday

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Improve your skills on a windsurfing holiday

There’s a much-repeated theory that to truly become an expert in something you need to put in 10,000 hours of practice. Roughly, that equates to 10 hours a week over a 20 year period. It’s quite an investment of time and requires a huge amount of dedication. But what it also underlines is that to improve at anything, you need to put in the hours. And it’s exactly the same when you learn to windsurf.

Of course, cramming in 10,000 hours around work, family life and social commitments might be a bit of a squeeze. But where does it say that you have to be an expert to have fun? Making improvements in your technique, building on skills, mastering tricks and technical aspects, and increasing knowledge are all part of the fun. And a windsurf holiday is the best way to improve, here are some reasons why.

More time windsurfing

Snatching a few hours here and there at the weekends at some of your local windsurfing spots is great for keeping your level up. It can also be fun and a great way to meet like-minded people. But you really need sustained time on the board to build the strength and muscle memory to make the big leaps in technique. Keep practicing locally so you don’t lose it but try and have at least one extended period of skill building on a windsurf holiday each year to see marked improvements.


Learning from the windsurf pros

There’s an element to practicing any new skill that involves self-realisation. You try and try and then suddenly something just clicks into place. But the basis of acquiring any new skill or knowledge really comes from tuition. You need a good grounding in the basics in order to develop good technique. And this is what makes those leaps forward possible. It all comes from having expert teachers watching you practice, offering advice and tips on how to modify your style. A good teacher can also give you advice on the right equipment – all of which makes improving that little bit easier. Check out our guided trips for a great way to learn from a pro while enjoying a fantastic holiday and meeting like-minded people at the same time!


The right windsurfing conditions

We mentioned above that windsurfing locally is a good way of preventing the rust setting in. But we all know what it’s like when the nights draw in, and the window pane reverberates with the sound of rain lashing down outside. It doesn’t always make you want to strap the board to the roof of the car and head to the water. A windsurfing holiday lets you practice and improve in places where conditions are both
more pleasant and more conducive to learning. The Canary Islands, Mauritius, South Africa, Brazil – just imagine a couple of weeks in any of these locations. The sun shines day after day, the water is warm enough for a thin suit or shorty, and at the end of each day you get out the water and make the short walk back to your luxury hotel. Rest up with a massage in the spa, enjoy some fine dining, and finish up sipping cocktails on the beach. Now 10,000 hours of that really does sound appealing.