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Guided windsurfing trips for your next holiday

Here at Planet Windsurf Holidays we know that guided trips can be one of the quickest and best ways to progress your windsurfing skills. Spending a week with like-minded individuals, focussing on the skills you want to improve, with amazing guides and equipment laid out for your every need, adds a whole new level of epic fun to your windsurfing holiday. This year we have a guided trip to suit everyone, just take a look at the list below and choose the one that is perfect for you!

Beginner Windsurf Clinic in Greece

Are you missing the sun after this cold winter? Specially created for sports and sea lovers, this learn to windsurf holiday will transform you into an independent windsurfer. The crystal clear turquoise water of Chicken Bay in Karpathos, Greece is the perfect spot for beginners to get hooked onto windsurfing. During this week you will also get the opportunity to discover the authentic and preserved beauty of the remote Karpathos Island in a safe and professional environment. This guided trip is also suitable for teenagers and children so bring the entire family along for a learn to windsurf adventure between 14 and 21 May or 21 and 26 May.


Waveriding Experience in Mauritius

Windsurfing on waves is a dream that sits somewhere deep inside every windsurfer. Once you finally catch your first wave then you want it even more and more. You get addicted to the thrill. So what stops you from fulfilling your dream? Are you unsure about your skills? Are you afraid of the challenge? Under watchful and professional guidance you can be sure of your progression and safety on this fantastic guided trip in Le Morne, Mauritius this May. Training throughout the week will include how to trim your gear according to the conditions and set it up properly. Comfortable sailing position and efficient up-wind ridding comes next. Once you fully understand those principals and can apply them in your riding, you will shift your attention to mastering carve jibes and short-board tacks.


Improve your skills in the Caribbean

Enjoy the company of the French King of Windsurfing while improving your windsurfing skills. Philippe Bru is a legend in the French and international windsurfing world. Professional windsurfer and foiler, Philippe has also been a windsurfing instructor for more than 20 years. During his clinics in Bonaire Philippe invites all windsurfing enthusiasts, beginner, to advanced, to enjoy five days of celebrating love for windsurfing this June or August. You will be taken along to play and not to train, to rather enjoy your time and improve your skills in your preferred areas. If the weather and air conditions allow, Philippe and his team will invite you along to tour Pink Beach or Klein Bonaire, by way of windsurfing of course!


Windfoiling coaching in Spain

The time to learn to windfoil is now. Take a look at this incredible windfoil coaching experience supported by World Cup competitor William Huppert from France, one of the most experienced windsurf foil riders in Europe. The windsurfing spot in Golf de Roses is ideal for learning to windfoil. Here you will find a constant thermal wind that provides the right amount of wind to take off. Additionally, there is also the new Fanatic Gecko Foil Edition Boards in the sizes 120 and 133 litres. On this great coaching event which runs from 27 May to 3 June, you will get six days of windfoil coaching which includes 2-3 hours per day in a group. During the first three days, the instructors will introduce you to windfoiling, followed by three days of advanced coaching by William Huppert. 


Freestyle clinic in Bonaire

Whether you’re just getting started with freestyle or working on perfecting a big aerial, the ABK BoardSports Clinic in June can help you get to that next level! This clinic will help you work on your jibes and get them perfect. One of the typical obstacles in learning to jibe is maneuvering that board around into water start position again after you blow it. Just like the beginner having to uphaul after taking numerous plunges, it’s way too tiring. Not in Bonaire. That shallow water is a blessing. Working on your jumps and chop hops? Go a little farther out into the bay and there are superb little wind swells off which to fly. Trying to sail faster? Pick a line along the outside reef where the water is dead flat and learn to pressure your feet, rake your sail and get your harness lines dialed.


Improve your skills in Lanzarote

Choose from three exciting windsurfing clinics in Lanzarote in June, dedicated to improving your skills. The camps, which are open to both men and women, are run by the dream team Tom Brendt and Yoli De Brendt – two World Cup trainers that are dedicated to making your windsurfing dreams come true! Tom and Yoli can teach in English, German, Spanish and Italian and are always on hand to help improve your skills. The first camp between the 6th and 11th of June is perfect for those looking to radically improve your carving and riding, from 20-25 June you can join the jump and freestyle clinic or book in on the all in one clinic from 13-18 June and bring your skills to the next level, on flat water and in the waves.


Freeriding in Fuerteventura

Join this Windsurf Xperience Event together with the expert windsurfing trainer, Tom Brendt between the 11th and 18th of June. The main focus will be on freeride and is designed for anyone who looking to improve with coaching that is delivered in an entertaining and varied manner, and who no longer regards themselves as a beginner. Success is guaranteed.  This fantastic windsurf clinic offers a minimum of five hours intense instruction every day which includes tips on equipment and rigging. Enjoy the beautiful landscape and amazing windsurf conditions in Fuerteventura. This island offers every kind of condition to suit any level of windsurfer, from flat-water lagoons to amazing wave spots.