Windsurfing: Travel and Safety

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Windsurfing: Travel and Safety

A dedicated windsurfing holiday is always bound to be a holiday that you will remember for the rest of your life. However, you don’t want to remember it for all the wrong reasons. That is why it’s important to pay attention to a few booking tips to ensure you that get to enjoy the best time on your windsurfing vacation. 

Tip 1: Choose the right windsurfing destination

Be sure to choose a windsurfing destination that not only offers the right conditions for your skill level but also offers up exactly what you want to get out of the holiday. Want to eat, sleep and dream windsurfing at a huge flat water playground that also offers up epic wave spots? Then Dakhla is your dream come true. Prefer somewhere close to home where you can blast for miles while also taking some down time to teach the kids to windsurf? Then West Portugal is perfect for your family windsurfing holiday. Or are you looking for the ultimate in luxury on an island paradise at one of the world’s most famous windsurfing spots? Then grab your partner and head on down to Le Morne in Mauritius! Choosing the wrong destination for your skill level can see you land yourself in a real spot of bother and really ruin the fun you could be having out on the water.


Tip 2: Do your homework

Once you have settled on the best spot for your windsurfing holiday the next step is to do your research. Speak to one of our experts or browse our site and get clued up about the best place to stay in accordance with your needs. Want to be in walking distance of the spot, need the centre to be on site, have to have equipment available to rent or in search of a great kids club? These are all things to consider when booking your trip. Also be sure to check the time of year you are travelling, the wind and wave conditions and the equipment you will need so that you come prepared. Also be sure to prebook your lessons and rental so you don’t end up disappointed on arrival. Also, always book with an accredited centre. Choosing the right centre with adequate safety provisions in place is paramount to ensuring you remain safe while on your windsurfing vacation. The right centre will also ensure you have the correct equipment for your skill levels and can offer you instruction that will not only ensure fast progression but will also introduce you to the destination, tides, currents etc and ensure you remain safe at all times.


Tip 3: Book with an accredited tour operator

In addition to booking your lessons and rental with the right centre, as well as choosing a destination and accommodation to ensure the perfect holiday, we also recommend you book with an accredited tour operator. There are so many factors to consider when booking your windsurfing holiday that you will probably want the advice from someone that has already done all the homework and knows the best places to visit and when and where to stay. Here at Planet Windsurf Holidays, our team has visited all the destinations we offer and can provide you with personalised first-hand advice. In addition, we are ATOL and TTA protected so you can rest assured that if something goes wrong on your holiday that you are well taken care of. In addition, the right tour operator will also be able to provide you with travel insurance advice as not all travel insurance will cover extreme activities like windsurfing.