Windsurf review: Costa Calma, Fuerteventura

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Windsurf review: Costa Calma, Fuerteventura

When one of our clients, Timothy Wright, was looking for the perfect place to enjoy great windsurfing without the crowds, we simply had to suggest the Costa Calma area of Fuerteventura. Located at what we consider to be the very best windsurf spot on the island, with the cleanest wind, Costa Calma offers one of the best blasting/speed sailing spots in Europe. The cross off shore direction, with no obstruction behind, creates glassy flat water that is not as crowded as the more well known Fuerteventura destinations of Sotavento and Corralejo.


All about the windsurfing

Read more about what Tim had to say about his windsurf holiday to Costa Calma: “The windsurfing was great with three days full on flat water blasting at a small site, well away from the crowds. The max number of windsurfers and kiters together was rarely more than 12 to 15.”


“The centre had changing rooms and toilets and the staff were very attentive in getting boards and sails out. My wife even had a nice deck chair to watch the action. The only downside was thet there was nowhere to buy food or drink at the centre so it needed to be taken in when one arrived in the morning or you had to go back into town to get it. I rate it as the best windsurfing spot I have been to abroad and I have been to quite a few, mainly because it is quiet and friendly and there is space to do your own thing. We went down to Sotovento but the crowds of windsurfers and kites there would not have been to my liking. The two non-wind days we went walking to the other side of the island and saw lots of interesting birds and plants as well as the rugged scenery of the windward shore. Thanks to Planet for sending us to an ideal spot for an ageing windsurfer!”


Accommodation in Costa Calma

Costa Calma offers great accommodation options for a range of budgets. The centre is just a short walk from the new Sercotel Beach Resort – one of the best hotels on the island with great facilities for families and non-sporting partners.


For those looking for a quieter location, VIK Suites is a quiet refined small property set apart from the more touristy hotels with a high level of food and friendly service. “The hotel in Costa Calma, the VIK Suites, was wonderful lots of room, our own courtyard and loungers plus a double Jacuzzi bath. There were nice gardens and the food was excellent. The flights and transfer also went well. We got picked up and taken back to our hotel by the centre staff, usually at the end of the morning and again in the afternoon,” said Tim after his stay.


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