The best of the best open new windsurf centre in Bonaire

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The best of the best open new windsurf centre in Bonaire

Bjorn Dunkerbeck, holder of 42 world titles in windsurfing, and Philippe Bru, the founder of DefiWind, recently opened the Dunkerbeck Pro Center in collaboration with the Sorobon Beach, Wellness and Windsurf Resort located in Lac Bay lagoon on the island of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean.


A windsurfing legend, half-Danish half-Dutch athlete, Bjorn Dunkerbeck, became a professional windsurfer when he was just 17. Ever since then he has broken the Nautical Mile speed record four times, the 500m Open Ocean speed record twice and the 250m speed record. In collaboration with the GPS speed-tracking technology, Bjorn Dunkerbeck founded the GPS Speed Challenge in 2014. Professional windsurfer and foiler for over 40 years, and the Chairman of the Philippe Bru Organization (PBO), Philippe Bru is most known for the annual DefiWind and DefiKite, one of the biggest race-based windsurfing and kitesurfing events, which takes place in Grouissan, France. Philippe Bru has also been a windsurfing instructor for 20 years.


Together these two pros have opened the doors to windsurfers of any experience level every day to the Dunkerbeck Pro Center, offering varied classes and clinics as well as windsurfing and foiling tours around interesting spots on the island of Bonaire. Guests will be able to rent Goya, Starboard, and Simmerstyle windsurfing, foiling and SUPing equipment. 


The Dunkerbeck Pro Center is hosted by the Sorobon Beach, Wellness and Windsurf Resort, which has been organising Sorobon Masters, a local windsurfing competition five years in a row and DefiWind Caribbean for two years in a row in collaboration with Bjorn Dunkerbeck and Philippe Bru. The Lac Bay lagoon has been used for countless windsurfing championships due to the perfect natural conditions: the lagoon offers more than 2km warm shallow water and constant wind of 24 knots on average.


Located directly on the beach of the gorgeous Lac Bay, Sorobon Beach, Wellness and Windsurf Resort offers its guests a private, rustic and personal experience. There are wellness, yoga, spa, and fitness services, a full beach bar and lounge, and an in-house restaurant. The accommodation consists of 15 chalets, located directly on the beach and an apartment complex of 10 apartments located two minutes away from the resort grounds.