Why you need to go windsurfing in Mauritius

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Why you need to go windsurfing in Mauritius

If you asked any seasoned windsurfer to name their top global destinations for hitting the water, the chances are that Mauritius would be at, or certainly very near, the top of the list. There are numerous reasons why, so let’s have a closer look at what makes this island paradise the perfect place to windsurf.

The wind conditions

Chief amongst the reasons to go are the wind conditions – which are frequently ideal. This is largely because it is so reliable, with the prevailing south-east trade wind blowing year round. It’s strongest from May through to November but there are more than 300 windy
days each year at top windsurfing spots like Le Morne.


Flat water

Of course, all that wind is only useful if there’s easily accessible flat water. And Mauritius also delivers here. You can find huge flat water lagoons, especially at spots like Le Morne and Anse La Raie. In strong winds, it can get a bit choppy and there can be strong currents in big swells, but most of the time it’s one of the best places in the world to learn and build confidence.



As well as world-class flat water, there are also some incredible wave spots. Perhaps the island’s most famous spot is One Eye. It’s a fast, hollow and powerful wave – and very long. It’s a real challenge for advanced windsurfers and only rideable at high tide.




With conditions this good, it’s not surprising that there is a good windsurfing infrastructure in place. We work with some of the best instructors on the islands, offering you the chance to learn and progress quickly.


As well as superb windsurfing conditions, there is also a choice of excellent luxury accommodation. Our hand-picked resorts are normally located right next door to windsurfing areas, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds without having to travel. Imagine stepping right out of your luxury hotel room, onto the beach and into the water at one of the world’s top windsurfing spots. That’s what makes Mauritius so special.



The island (or more accurately islands, as Mauritius also includes Rodrigues) is a real cultural melting pot. With French, Portuguese, British, Dutch and Arabic heritage all jumbled together, it’s a truly unique place to visit. You’ll be enchanted by the colour, cuisine and
charm of this beautiful African island country.


With the windy season coinciding with the off-peak tourism period, it’s also possible to find some incredible deals for windsurfing in Mauritius. So you can make the most of low season prices at high-end hotels, and combine some of the best windsurfing in the world with
luxury accommodation, fine dining and other top-class services and facilities. Right now Planet is offering an exclusive limited time offer at the St Regis Mauritius in Le Morne which includes 55% off your room, a free room upgrade, plus a free upgrade from half board to full board, a free sports massage and free dinghy sailing, kayaking, wakeboarding and select watersports. In addition 2 children sharing the parents’ room ‘eat, stay & play for free’.


As you can see, Mauritius is the ultimate windsurfing holiday destination. If it’s not on your list of dream destinations, then it really should be. With the perfect mix of conditions, environment and accommodation this is a windsurfing destination you really need to check out.