Tips for windsurfers travelling to Morocco

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Tips for windsurfers travelling to Morocco

Home to some of the world’s most reliable and exciting windsurfing locations, magnificent Morocco should top the list of places to visit on your next holiday. However, as always when embarking on an adventure to a foreign land, there are a few things you need to know before you go. So keep on reading for some tips and tricks about travelling to Morocco:


1. The best time to go to Morocco

Morocco is a great year-round windsurfing holiday’s destination which offers an attractive combination of sunshine and reliable wind for a large portion of the year. Dakhla is great for windsurfing most of the year, however, the summer temperatures can be extreme so the best time to travel here is from September to May. Essaouira, on the other hand, blows strongest from July until August, and in these months it is regularly a very, very high wind destination, yet the wind is reliable all the way from April until November. Thankfully, summer is not as hot in Essaouira (expect temperatures of 25-30°C) thanks to the cooling Atlantic breeze. For touring Morocco, the interior is at its best in spring (March to May) when the country is lush and green, followed by autumn (September to November) when the heat of summer has eased. Also if you plan to extend your windsurf holiday with a trip to the Atlas Mountains be sure to anticipate the cold as the mountains boast snowcapped peaks from November right through to July.


2. Spending money in Morocco

Morocco offers fantastic value for money for your windsurfing holiday. We suggest pre-paying for your accommodation (which can include full board meals), your kitesurf rental and lessons so that you can rest assured that everything is taken go off before you go. That way you also won’t miss out on securing the best on offer as Morocco’s top destinations can get quite busy. The official currency is the Moroccan Dirham and these can only be obtained in Morocco. It is convenient to carry some cash for vendors, tips and markets and the easiest way to obtain dirhams is through an ATM. Major credit cards are also widely accepted in the main tourist centres although their use often attracts a surcharge of around 5% from Moroccan businesses.

3. Where to go windsurfing in Morocco

Dakhla, located on a small peninsula of the Atlantic coast, is, without doubt, the most popular Moroccan windsurfing holiday destination. Here an expansive blue lagoon offers an incredible wind statistic and is just perfect for beginners and improvers. The lagoon is enormous so you can launch either directly in front of your chosen accommodation or hitch a ride on the rescue boat to one of the many other spots around the lagoon. For more advanced windsurfers a visit to one of the wave spots offers 2-4 metre peeling waves with side to side-offshore wind. There really is something for all levels in Dakhla.


The beautiful blue lagoon in Dakhla

Essaouira, on the other hand, is a very culturally interesting place, with masses of tradition still remaining throughout the un-spoilt Morrocan charm of the town, port, and beaches. The fascinating culture combined with the reliable strong winds makes Essaouira a great windsurf holiday destination for both windsurfers and non-windsurfers alike. Essaouira boasts a very wide beach, allowing easy water starting and learning (although remember this is a strong wind location) and long gentle waves which are ideal for first-time wave riders. For more wave spots it’s an easy trip to visit Moulay or Sidi Kaouki which are located 20-minute minute drive away.


The historical town of Essaouira, Morocco

Moulay, located north of Essaouira, is a pure wave spot for confident independent riders. You don’t need to be expert wave rider as there are some small waves and a relatively easy launch spot. There is really nothing in Moulay except for amazing windsurfing. This place is just windsurf, eat, sleep, repeat!


Windsurfing the epic waves at Moulay

4. Where to stay in Morocco

Morocco offers a range of accommodation options to suit the needs of any traveller. Dakhla Club is great for families with an onsite hammam, amazing cuisine and activities on offer for non-windsurfing partners and families. Ocean Vagabond, also in Dakhla, is a focussed windsurfing hotel and is perfect for single travellers while in Essaouria couples can find amazing luxury beachfront accommodation with a range of on site facilities. We recommend you contact us and speak to one of our travel experts who will assist in choosing the right accommodation option for your needs.


The luxury accommodation at Dakhla Club

5. What to do in Morocco

We advise combing your windsurfing holiday to Morocco with a tour of this magnificent country. Essaouria and Dakhla both offer options where you can surf, SUP, learn to kitesurf or go quad biking or 4x4ing in the desert. The shopping in Morrocco is also incredible and a day out in town, walking through the alleys, will leave you discovering beautiful hand crafted pots, rugs, glassware, materials, clothes, and much, much more. For those who want to venture further afield excursions into the Atlas Mountains or to explore the bustling cities of Marrakesh and Casablanca are highly recommended.


Discovering Dakhla’s desert

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