Discover Sardinia and its ideal 2000-km-coastline!

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Discover Sardinia and its ideal 2000-km-coastline!

Dieter Van Der Eyken’s wind driven journey carries you away to Sardinia and its 2000-km-coastline ideal for windsurfing! The Pro Windsurfer leads you through the island and shares his experience of the place. A few drone shots and windsurfing sessions later, there’s no way not to be tempted by this beautiful spot!

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During the first Episode of a Wind Driven Journey we visit the most famous spot of Northern Sardinia – Porto Pollo.
Porto Pollo is one of the most famous places for windsurfing in Sardinia, with it landspit towards the small island of sola dei gabiani the spot get’s divided in 2 types of conditions.

Conditions in Mistral (westerly) winds:
Towards the West side you have the choppy side where its good for Freestyle and bump&jump. The wind is the most consistent here and almost all footage during this clip is filmed on this side.
On the Eastern side the water is flat which makes it ideal for beginners or learning new tricks. As it comes over the landspit the wind is a bit more gusty because of the dunes and the surfclub on the beach but one slalom gear or bigger freeride gear you defiantly enjoy the flat water more!

Due to it’s almost perfect location the spot can be sailed in almost any wind direction however Westerly wind is most common and also the best due to the “street of Bonifacio” which gives the wind an extra kick on sunny days.

Best periode, is spring and autumn. During winter it still can be very good but temp. stay around 12°C during jan. Feb. March. when its windy and the wind feels cold from the West. In summer the island gets flooded by Italian tourist so if you prefer more a quite holiday summer might not be the best moment to visit Sardinia.

There are plenty of accommodation possibilities close by the spot, in the villages Porto Pollo and Barrabisa there are plenty of rental houses and within 15 min. driving distance you have Palau where you can stay as well and have all shop’s close by.

Besides that free camping is allowed in most places and only gets more restricted in summer (but still allowed) as you have to start paying for parking on the 1st of June at Porto Pollo

On a Windless day its worth to visit Capo Testa and the Valley of the Moon. Some of the first drone shots in the clips are made here and the scenery is absolutely amazing, just like so many other places on Sardinia! Defiantly worth a drive around with it’s stunning combination of mountains and Caribbean looking beaches.

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