The Ultimate Windsurf Holiday Long Haul Destinations

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The Ultimate Windsurf Holiday Long Haul Destinations

Most of us are happy to take any opportunity to get out on the water that comes our way. The odd day around the British coast here, a snatched long weekend in the Greek islands or Canaries there. But sometimes all you want to do is have a proper blowout. Jump on board a plane, catch a long haul flight and blow the budget spending some time in the world’s best windsurfing destinations.

Venture south


You might be flying for around twelve hours but the similar time zone in South Africa means you’ll be able to hit the water straight away, without dealing with jet lag. Between November and April its home to some of the best windsurfing conditions in the world – 90% wind reliability and warm temperatures between 28 – 32˚C. Stunning beaches and top conditions aside, there’s incredible food, affordable accommodation and plenty of extra-curricular activities. What’s not to like?

Heading to warmer climes


Heading in the other direction, the Southern Caribbean offers a range of superb windsurfing spots. Aruba guarantees winds of around 20 knots with water temperatures rarely dropping below 24˚C (not such a thick wet suit needed here). Head to Boca Grandi, around an hour from Palm Beach, where every July some of the world’s best come to compete in the High Winds Windsurfing Championship.

Also in the vicinity is Bonaire, a small Dutch-Caribbean island just off the coast of Venezuela. The fact you might not have heard of it is very good news, as it means it’s not too busy. It’s ideal for all levels, with steady trade winds blowing and sunshine for most of the year. Head to Lac Bay, a protected marine park with some of the best conditions.

Crossing the pond and beyond


Maui is home to steady winds, clean water and air, and conditions suitable for all levels. Located in the Hawaiian Islands way out in the mid Pacific, it’s a heck of a flight. But the fact numerous windsurfing competitions are held here should tell you everything you need to know. Visit from May to October for the best conditions, and serious surfers should hit the north side of the island where waves can get as high as six metres.

Brazil offers big winds, flat waters and pristine lagoons. There’s a welcoming and friendly atmosphere and outside of the big cities, it’s very safe too. Incredible beaches, tropical conditions and vibrant towns add up to an alluring mix that’s attracting more and more windsurfers. Top spots include Jericoacoara, Gostoso and Icaraizinho.

Go Western Pacific


Heading back east, the Philippines are a growing windsurfing destination. Top of the list is Boracay, where you’ll find a gorgeous shallow lagoon and reliable monsoon winds, which reach 30 mph during the December to April period. But there are more sheltered spots around the island for less experienced surfers.

From the US to the South Pacific there are some incredible long haul windsurfing destinations to choose from. Maybe it’s time to break into your savings.