Portugal’s best windsurfing spots

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Portugal’s best windsurfing spots

Portugal offers a wide variety of windsurfing spots for all experience levels with its 800km of Atlantic coastline. This incredible coastline offers windsurfers every condition from flat waters to waves.


Portugal, with its classic Mediterranean climate, has perfect wind conditions for windsurfing. The country also offers large beaches and sea lagoons all along the coast. From shallow waters to exciting downwind areas, here you can find great windsurfing conditions all year round. Read more about the best spots in Portugal below…


The Algarve

In the Algarve you will find the “Nortada”. This Portuguese north wind is accelerated by the surrounding landscape which creates wind speeds of between 13 and 30 knots that build throughout the day. The mornings are best for beginner lessons as the wind is much lighter, whereas the afternoons are much better suited for the more experienced windsurfers as the wind is much stronger. This northerly wind blows cross offshore at Sagres and Meia Praia, but side shore at the wave spots on the West Coast.


In the Algarve, you will find the area of Meia Praia. This 2km long stretch of sandy beach offers conditions for all windsurf levels. There is a very safe learning zone making it perfect for beginners.  The Windsurf Centre Meia Praia Beach is our partner centre, offering a full range of courses from beginner to advanced, as well as rentals.


Sagres is located on the very tip of Portugal where the Atlantic ocean takes a 90-degree turn towards the Mediterranean. Wave fanatics can have a chance at getting massive airs at Tonel, and just a few minutes away is the stunning beach of Martinhal which has an international Windsurf Centre located at Martinhal Hotel that offers great instruction and rentals.


West Portugal

Here in West Portugal, you will find the perfect windsurf spot of Cabedelo Beach near Viana do Castelo. This area has some of the most consistent wind in the entire country.


This pristine beach lies within a horseshoe-shaped bay providing excellent windsurf conditions for every level. Beginners learning to windsurf will enjoy the large area of flat water created by the port’s breakwater. Just a couple hundred yards down the beach is where you will find a perfect wave playground for the more advanced windsurfer.


At the West Portugal Windsurf Centre at Hotel FeelViana you will find a varied selection of equipment to practice windsurfing, which will ensure both your fun and safety. And for those who wish to make their first steps in this sport, the centre provides training for both children and adults.


Portugal has so much to offer every level of windsurfer. Contact us today to help plan you windsurfing holiday to this great country in 2018.