Windsurfing paradise at Keros Bay in Limnos

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Windsurfing paradise at Keros Bay in Limnos

Those who love the wind and waves have always flocked to stunning Greece to get their windsurfing fix. And for the ultimate windsurfing holiday with incredible wind and amazing sunshine, off the beaten track away from the crowds, the island of Limnos offers it all! 


When the northern Meltemi wind blows through the Aegean sea every summer there are a few islands that get the best of it. Limnos offers fantastic windsurfing centres and amazing hotels and the very best wind conditions during the summer months. This island in the northern Aegean has so much to offer windsurfers looking for a hidden escape with a variety of conditions that will suit windsurfers of all abilities as well a range of activities for non-surfing family members and friends to enjoy.


Learn to windsurf at Keros Bay

The best spot on offer on Limnos is Keros Bay located on the eastern coast of the island. Keros Bay is a large, crescent-shaped bay which is surrounded by a deep sandy beach with large dunes covered in sea daffodils. The surrounding dunes spill over into the bay allowing a safe and comfortable place to learn to windsurf. There are almost no rocks in the area.


The prevailing wind comes in cross shore along the bay. This means that right in the middle of the bay the wind is perfectly side-shore and the water is buttery flat making it perfect for beginners and intermediate windsurfers. The bay is so large that even in high season there is plenty space for all wind sports enthusiasts to get their fix of action and fun!


Enjoy wave riding in Limnos

For the more experienced windsurfers, the bay also offers great wave conditions. At the downwind corner of the bay, the wind becomes more onshore and is more open to the swell. Here you can find great waves up to head height – perfect for ramping and surfing.


Keros Bay Windsurf Centre

Planet Windsurf Holidays works with fantastic windsurf centres in Keros Bay stocking modern training equipment from reputable brands such as Gaastra, Tabou and Fanatic. The centres renew their equipment every year so you get the highest quality for your time on the water. The centres also have a team of windsurfing experts to instruct any level of windsurfer from beginner to advanced.


Other great windsurf spots on Limnos

There are a few less popular spots on Limnos that are also perfect for windsurfing. These spots are about a 30-minute car ride from Keros Bay. Kotsinas Bay is located on the north tip of the island and has a 100 metre long stretch of shallow water and a strong onshore wind. Just south of Keros you will find a great wave spot at Red Rock. On very strong wind days the waves can reach about 2-3 metres high and with a side-onshore wind, makes this is a safe place to practice wave riding. Along the northern coast of the island is another wave spot called Gomati. Here strong winds bring in swell that can reach a few meters high, just be careful of the slightly rocky sea bottom here.


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