Your guide to windsurfing Morocco

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Your guide to windsurfing Morocco

Are you planning your next big windsurfing getaway? Trying to decide between Mauritius, the Caribbean, Spain or Greece? Then allow us to add another name to your shortlist. It’s one you might not necessarily have thought of for your next holiday but its a destination that is perfect for a windsurfing getaway! Morocco

Situated in North Africa, with a coastline along the Mediterranean and Atlantic, Morocco is not only beautiful, welcoming, exciting and fascinating in its own right but it is also blessed with 3,500km of coastline and some of the most reliable winds in the world. There’s a huge range of windsurfing conditions for all levels, ranging from flat water lagoons to world-class wave spots. And with year-round sunshine and great wind conditions, it’s a top destination at any time of year.


Let’s take a close look at Morocco and what it has to offer:

Morocco’s windsurfing spots

As we have mentioned above, there are great conditions at numerous spots along Morocco’s coastline. However, there are two standout windsurfing destinations that combine the culture, conditions and infrastructure for world-class windsurfing holidays.

The first is Essaouira – a traditional Moroccan port town with wide beaches and strong winds. Conditions are perhaps best suited to more experienced windsurfers as there are some pretty big waves around the bay. Beginners and improvers might find some suitable conditions in the mornings but as things get bigger throughout the day, more advanced riders will find more to challenge them later in the day.

The other top spot is Dakhla, located in the middle of Western Sahara about 1,500km from Casablanca. Here you will find a majestic blue lagoon with incredible winds. In fact, even in the low season, it is still 60% reliable. The water is flat, with large expanses of shallow areas, making it pretty much the best place on the planet to learn and to improve your freestyle. Plus on the nearby coast, there are some wave spots for the more experienced.


Windsurfing accommodation in Morocco

Morocco is a country with a huge tourism industry and tradition of hospitality. As such, you can expect a wide variety of accommodation options, from cheap and cheerful right up to more luxury hotels. It’s a modern country with all the amenities you would expect back home, especially in the larger towns, cities and tourism hot spots. However, it is also possible to get off the beaten track and explore the more remote areas for a more cultural experience. This includes the unique and mysterious Atlas Mountains with its Berber people.

At the windsurfing spots you can look forward to relaxed beach bungalow style accommodation, often with your centre, a restaurant and sometimes even a pool right on site. Basic but comfortable these bungalows offer the perfect spot to kick back and relax with a sundowner after a day’s worth of windsurfing. 


Getting to Morocco

At just 13 km from mainland Europe and easily accessible by road and ferry, or a choice of airlines, getting to and from Morocco couldn’t be easier. You won’t have the cost or travel times of some other exotic windsurfing destinations, and food and board is generally of a high standard and very affordable – especially when compared to other European windsurfing destinations such as Spain and Greece.

So, if you’re planning your next windsurfing adventure, why not add Morocco to your shortlist? Contact us today and speak to one of our team, who have been there and done that, for expert advice!