Things to do in Dakhla

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Things to do in Dakhla

If you are looking for an exceptional place for your next windsurfing holiday, visit Dakhla. Here, the weather is warm all year long in an exceptional natural ecosystem. With daily temperatures averaging around 25 degrees Celsius and consistent winds throughout the year, Dakhla is a windsurfing paradise. Apart from being one of the best spots in the world for windsurfing, Dakhla and its whereabouts offer so much to see and do.


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Dakhla’s peninsula has some fantastic spots for surfing. The team at Planet can arrange surf trips to the best spots depending on the wave forecast to guarantee the best conditions. Surf lessons for all levels are done by the best Moroccan surfers that love to share their passion for the sport. All the classes include supervision and all surf types are covered, such as shortboard, single fin, longboard, finless, retro board, ayala, SUP and bodyboard.



On non-windy days, the lagoon always has something fantastic to offer. Paddle amongst dolphins or follow the pink flamingos of Dakhla. Kayaking is suitable to all ages (kids under 12 have to be accompanied by an adult). Rent your windsurfing gear or book a lesson at our partner centre and you will get one-hour free kayaking per day.

Stand-up Paddle Boarding


On non-windy days take advantage of a stand-up paddle towards the Dragon Island where you could meet dolphins or flamingoes on the way.

The White Dune


White Dune or Duna Blanca is an ecological wonder as it is a dune of sand sitting permanently on the water of the lagoon. White unspoiled sand and the beach around it make it a must-visit.

Dakhla City


There is a lot to see in the town of Dakhla. Start with a visit to the local market and then a walk through the local souk where you can buy some traditional clothes and artisan crafts. Try a camel kebab and end the visit with a fresh juice or a traditional Moroccan tea at one of the local cafes. You can also visit the Spanish lighthouse and the local museum.

Portorico and Imili


Portorico is a superb beach close to Dakhla. It has just been reopened and is worth a visit because of its beauty and unusual stones. Imili is an exceptional landscape where you will find small pools of saltwater connected underground to the ocean. A geological and natural wonder with small fish that swim freely and enjoy tickling your feet.