Tips for booking the ultimate luxury windsurfing holiday

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Tips for booking the ultimate luxury windsurfing holiday

If you’re getting itchy feet and thinking about planning your next windsurfing holiday, then you might be wondering how you go about making sure your trip really measures up. Any time you can get out on the water is generally a good time but not all windsurf holidays
are created equal.

Making sure your trip is a great one takes a little bit more thought and planning but it’s really worth the extra time and effort to ensure you get the perfect combination of conditions, location and accommodation.

Windsurfing locations

With any holiday, the most important consideration is the destination. But unlike most getaways, for a windsurfing holiday it’s not just about a nice beach and some sunshine. You have to consider the wind and water conditions, the convenience of travel and season. It also depends on what kind of windsurfer you are and what water suits you best. For example, if you like milder conditions with a nice flat lagoon, then somewhere like Limnos in Greece is ideal. If you’re looking for flat water as well as waves, then head to Dakhla in Morocco.


Windsurf season

Second to your destination (and having a big part to play in that decision too) is the time of year you intend to travel. You should try and find times when your chosen destination has reliable and consistent winds. Destinations like the Canary Islands have good wind year round but other destinations have distinct peak seasons. You should be aware that these are normally the busiest times of year as they often coincide with summer in many of the spots. One notable exception is Mauritius, whose windy period is in the middle of the low tourist season, making it a great choice as it is still warm, without being too hot, and you can find great special offers at top luxury hotels.


Travel distance

It’s possible to travel the length of the earth to find the right conditions but this also adds expense and travel time. If you’re short on budget or time, then it’s a good idea to choose somewhere closer to home. Portugal or Cape Verde are two good short-haul options. If you
have got the time and funds, then travel further afield to the Dutch Antilles or Brazil to experience some of the best windsurfing conditions on the planet as well as great cultural experiences. It’s all about knowing how much or little you can fit into your break.


Windsurfing accommodation

Choosing your accommodation can be daunting. But there are ways to make sure you’re making the right choice. Use reviews and testimonials to find the best hotels and resorts, or you can seek advice from other windsurfers about provision for equipment rental and storage, and other sport-specific questions. Of course, as well as doing your own research, you can also use the expert and advice available at Planet Windsurf. With a choice of incredible luxury hand-picked resorts in some of the best windsurf destinations on the planet, we are perfectly placed to offer expert advice about your next windsurfing break. With the inside knowledge on conditions and accommodation, we can match you to your perfect windsurfing holiday.