The best windsurfing spots to nail a carve gybe

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The best windsurfing spots to nail a carve gybe

When you learn to windsurf and have mastered the launch, it’s great fun surfing away from the beach. But to turn around and come back again, you need to learn perhaps the most important move, the gybe. This means you can turn the board around without getting wet, and head back to the beach with the wind in your (dry) hair.

The fastest and most efficient way to turn your windsurfing board is the carve gybe, where the sailboard stays on the plane throughout the entire turn. So, if your next big windsurfing challenge is to learn this essential move, you’ll want to pick the perfect location to do it.

Below are our top five spots for nailing this all-important maneuver. At all five you are likely to find perfect conditions for improving, as well as a whole host of other features to help you enjoy your stay. 

Bonaire, Dutch Antilles


Of the islands that make up the Dutch Antilles, Bonaire is undoubtedly the best for windsurfing. With a huge flat-water lagoon and plenty of expert instruction available, this is an ideal place to improve your technique and build confidence on the water. Bonaire is also one of the least developed Carribean islands in terms of tourism, so if you’re looking to enjoy the spectacular conditions but also get off the beaten track, then this is an ideal destination.

Dakhla, Morocco


This unique multi-level spot is blessed with 70 to 80% wind reliability throughout the year and access to a colossal flat-water lagoon. Located in the middle of the Sahara, about 1,500km from Casablanca, Dakhla is one of the best spots on the planet to learn the carve gybe. Base yourself at the Dakhla Club to enjoy a spot of luxury or the Ocean Vagabond for bungalows right on the water’s edge.

Langebaan, South Africa


An idyllic little seaside town on the South African West Coast around 100km north of Cape Town, Langebaan is home to a protected lagoon. But more than that, from November through to April in the African Summer, this is also one of the most wind-sure places on the planet. And with temperatures in the high 20s, even if you fall in repeatedly while learning to carve gybe, it never gets unpleasant. As well as world-class windsurfing, this is also something of a foodies’ paradise, with superb eating out options and excellent service.

Soma Bay, Egypt


A luxury holiday resort located around 45km from Hurghada airport, Soma Bay offers a great combination of high-quality accommodation and relaxation. There’s a big windsurf lagoon here, with great wind reliability. On the south Abu Soma side of the lagoon you’ll find the best conditions for beginners, including warm waist-high waters that are ideal for learning and practicing new moves.

West Portugal


Less than an hour north of the beautiful city of Porto, the Hotel FeelViana is located near to where the Lima River meets the Atlantic. There is plenty of flat water inside the harbour area, protected by large breakwaters. And between May and September there are reliable side-shore winds, with conditions suitable for all levels of windsurfer. FeelViana is just steps away from Cabedelo Beach in West Portugal and comes with a fantastic in-house watersports centre where you can arrange tuition to help you with master the carve gybe.

Contact us to start planning your next windsurfing holiday today and before you head on holiday be sure to check out this carve gybe tutorial.