Is your Med family watersports holiday getting too expensive?

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Is your Med family watersports holiday getting too expensive?

If you’re looking for a family watersports holiday this summer, then the Mediterranean seems like an obvious choice. It’s only a short flight from the UK to the Med’s best windsurfing spots, so you don’t have to deal with bored kids on a long-haul flight. The culture is familiar, the food is exquisite and it’s probably much cheaper than jetting off to some tropical destination in the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean.

Well, you’d be right about most of the above but not the price. Yes, the Med is easy to access, the food is beautiful and staying in Europe does make things a little easier. But when it comes to the price tag, you might be very surprised to know that it can actually be cheaper to jet the whole family halfway around the world to some paradise island.


But how exactly is this possible?

Supply and demand for summer holidays

All of the reasons that make the Med so popular also make it the victim of its own success. Sure, the conditions in Greece are ideal, the food in Sardinia is to die for and the warm waters of the Mediterranean are just a couple of hours away. But all of that means demand for windsurfing holidays in these resorts in the summer is through the roof. That means resorts and travel companies can pretty much charge what they want – and they frequently do. All of which means broadening your search could help you to save money.

Winter means excellent windsurfing

Windsurfing destinations in tropical spots like Mauritius might seem like they would be out of your budget for a summer family break. But with summer in the southern hemisphere, these destinations are actually in the winter season. This means special deals are available for the whole family while windsurfing conditions are actually at there best and you won’t be sweltering while catching a tan on the beach. You can also rest assured that everything is included in the one price, with flights, meals, and a range of activities all offered at luxury hotels. You might need a bit of spending money, but you’ll be able to budget more effectively.


Head to one of the Med resorts in the summer months and flights can be extortionate and it’s the same when you arrive. The charming
little beachfront taverna you have in your mind gets incredibly busy in July and August, and prices go up accordingly. A family meal can set you back a small fortune and by the end of your break it can really add up. The same is true for equipment hire and rentals. Even in the reputedly cheaper southern half of Europe, you’re still paying European prices for everything. That’s not always the case in more exotic destinations where you still get great service but for a fraction of the price.

Don’t pay for reputation

Of course, we’re not saying that conditions in some Greek islands and elsewhere around the Mediterranean aren’t superb. Or that these holidays will be anything less than spectacular. But simply that you will be paying a large premium for that summer holiday price tag. The more exotic locations in the likes of the Caribbean or Mauritius can offer a much more luxurious holiday for the same money. There are also other resorts equally close to home where you can enjoy a similar experience without the cost. West Portugal and Fuerteventura both enjoy excellent conditions in the summer but are both significantly cheaper for a family break.


If you’ve noticed costs creeping up in recent years, maybe it’s time to give something else a try?