Why Morocco is perfect for your next windsurf holiday

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Why Morocco is perfect for your next windsurf holiday

Morocco is situated at the north-west tip of Africa and has over 3,500 kilometres of coastline. In Morocco, you will find some of the world’s most reliable and most consistent windsurfing spots. This incredible country is also full of fascinating culture and amazing landscapes and is perfect for windsurfing all year round. Offering a lot more than just wind and waves, find out why Morocco is perfect for your next windsurf holiday below:


1. Great value for money

UK visitors to Morocco will be extremely happy with the unbelievable value for money when travelling through this country. The exchange rate makes it possible for tourists to get way more for their money than in other destinations. Visitors also have a choice of many different types of accommodation and activities to suit any budget.


2. Perfect wave spots

Just north of the town of Essaouira is the small village of Moulay where you can find some incredible wave spots for the more advanced windsurfers as well as smaller waves for any level looking to get into wave riding. If you head over the headland in Dakhla there are some amazing wave spots to enjoy.


3. Learn to windsurf

Dakhla is one of the best spots to head to when you want to learn to windsurf or just improve your skills. The perfectly flat-water lagoon is huge and has extremely consistent winds. The launch spots are usually directly in front of the hotels that border the lagoon, making it very simple for beginners. Head out on the lagoon and hone your windsurfing skills! 


4. Extremely reliable wind

You would be hard-pressed to find a more reliable wind spot than Morocco. The wind blows consistently throughout the whole year. Here it blows at least 320 days at around 12-20 knots. With these incredibly consistent winds, Morocco truly is a windsurfer’s dream!


5. Dedicated windsurf resort 

In Dakhla you will find the dedicated windsurf resort, Ocean Vagabond. This eco-friendly resort caters to all levels of windsurfers and has a dedicated centre right on the lagoon edge. At this hotel, you can enjoy the views over the lagoon from the eco-friendly bungalows and launch directly in front of the hotel.


6. Take in the culture of Morocco

It’s no secret that Morocco has perfect windsurfing spots, but the country offers a whole lot more in the way of culture and adventure. Combine your windsurf experience with a trip to the charismatic city of Casablanca or take in the majestic scenery of the Atlas Mountain range. There is so much to experience in Morocco!

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