Holiday resort windsurf centres owned by famous windsurf pros

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Holiday resort windsurf centres owned by famous windsurf pros

In order to be the best, or at least better, you need to learn from the best. Being taught by people with an understanding of what is required to master their art helps to give us additional insight, focus on what is important and refine technique. This is especially true when learning to windsurf.

Around the world, there are a handful of windsurf centres owned or run by some of the sport’s leading professionals (both current and former). And while it’s true that they might not always be on hand to give personal lessons (they’ve got competitions and the rigours of the pro circuit to focus on too) the centres are designed in their image. You learn the ethos of windsurfing from hand-picked instructors who teach in the same way.

Here’s a closer look at some of the best pro-run windsurf centres in the world.

Dunderbeck at Sorobon, Bonaire

Sorobon Beach on the beautiful island of Bonaire is one of the best windsurfing spots in the Caribbean. As well as a stunning resort offering apartments, wellness, yoga and fitness classes, you also get windsurf gear, rentals and instruction at the Dunderbeck Pro Center.


Founded by Bjorn Dunderbeck and Philippe Bru, both windsurfing legends with numerous title between them, the centre is located on the shores of Lac Bay windsurf lagoon this is the ideal set up for windsurfers and their partners. The centre is known for its laidback and super friendly atmosphere, which are the perfect conditions for learning.

Clube Kauli Seadi, Gostoso

Located to the right of the main windsurfing spot in Gostoso, Brazil, this centre is renowned for having all the latest kit and equipment for you to use. Over the last few years, they have stocked up with hundreds of new boards and sails. In total there are 214 boards and 200 sails to choose from.


The centre is located right next to its own guesthouse and they offer lessons for all levels of rider. Beginners usually get to learn in the mornings when the wind is lighter, with intermediate and advanced riders going out in the afternoon. Kauli, who owns the centre is a three times windsurf world champion, two times world vice-champion and 11 times Brazilian windsurf champion.

Cape Verde Sal Josh Angulo Centre

The Angulo Beach Club is the brainchild of Claudia and Josh Angulo who met on the shores of Ponta Preta. Their passion for the islands is reflected in their superb centre. The team at the Angulo Cabo Verde Beach Club will meet all your windsurf, surfing, kitesurfing and SUP needs.


Whether you are a complete beginner, or you ride the waves in style, there is something here to learn for everyone. There is a fantastic range of the latest Angulo boards, rigs, 75% carbon skinny masts and Streamlined products to choose from. So, you can stay on the water all day, every day.

Michiel Bouwmeester’s Pro Centre in Porto Pollo, Sardinia

Learn under the expert tuition at Michiel Bouwmeester’s Pro Centre in Porto Pollo in Sardinia. The experienced staff use their vast knowledge, as well as simulators and video training, to help you improve.

Porto Pollo Windsurf Centre

With more than three decades of experience and some of Europe’s best conditions, this is an excellent place to learn. With lessons for all levels of rider, including kids and teenagers, this is also a great place for a family holiday.