Why Portugal is the ultimate windsurf holiday spot this summer

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Why Portugal is the ultimate windsurf holiday spot this summer

Looking for an ideal combination of great windsurfing conditions, low price tag, scintillating food and world-class accommodation? All within a few hours flight from the UK? Then you really only have one option: Portugal. Windsurfing holidays in Portugal offer incredible diversity. There is 800km of rugged Atlantic coastline stretching from north to south that offers some of the best windsurfing in the world.


Here are just two of our favourite windsurfing spots in Portugal:

FeelViana: Northern Portugal

Situated just a few steps away from Cabedelo Beach and with a fantastic in-house watersports centre, Hotel FeelViana both respects its natural environment (by using harmonious building materials) and creates eye-catching accommodation for visitors looking to for the windsurfing holiday of a lifetime.


Located on the northern Atlantic coast of Portugal, less than an hour north from the magnificent city of Porto, the hotel makes the most of its surroundings. The sports centre is equipped with everything you need to hit the water and enjoy some of the best windsurfing in Europe, and when you are not out on the ocean, mountain bikes and stand up paddle boards allow you to enjoy the river and mountain spots inland.


Just outside the hotel, the River Lima meets the waters of the Atlantic and big winds create fantastic conditions for all levels of rider. Large breakwaters protect the entrance to the port providing flat water, while some great waves can be found further down the bay. Side shore winds are reliable in the summer months between May and September, creating conditions that are perfect for windsurfing. In fact, the west coast of Northern Portugal is said to provide the most consistent winds in the whole country. It’s not surprising when you consider there is nothing between here and the east coast of the US.


And when you’re not in the water you can explore the historic and beautiful cities of Viana do Castelo and Porto. Or you can take the car, a boat or a train up the beautiful Douro valley to the UNESCO World Heritage Site and sample some of the finest wines and ports in the world.



Elsewhere in Portugal, the Algarve is also renowned for its great conditions. With more than 300 sunny days a year, mild temperatures and wind constantly blowing in off the Atlantic Ocean, you can visit at any time of year. Here you can access some of the region’s best windsurfing lagoons and beaches.


In the Algarve, the Martinhal Hotel is Planet’s top choice of accommodation. With a host of activities on offer, this is the perfect spot for couples and families. Enjoy barefoot luxury at its best at the first five-star property in the Sagres region featuring gorgeous sea views and amazing natural beauty, surrounded as it is by a national park. 


The centre here offers a full range of windsurfing courses and rental, while an extensive array of activities can be arranged on the odd no-wind day. This is not only a great place to introduce your kids to the world of windsurfing but you can also go hiking, SUPing, kayaking, fishing, sailing and horse riding with the whole family!


Portugal might not yet have the reputation of some Greek Islands or the Canaries. But with new resorts opening all the time and plenty of superb windsurfing spots, it looks set to become an in-demand destination. Check it out now before the secret gets out!