Best summer family windsurf holiday destinations

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Best summer family windsurf holiday destinations

Its just about time to start planning an amazing summer family windsurf holiday! What you are looking for is a destination that has great weather, perfect beaches, loads of activities for the whole family and absolutely fantastic windsurfing conditions. Here are our top picks that tick all the boxes.


West Portugal

West Portugal offers a fantastic option for families and is just a few hours from the UK and most major European cities. This great destination has perfect windsurfing conditions for a range of abilities, beautiful landscapes, rich historical sites and a range of other activities for the whole family to enjoy. Experienced windsurfers can take advantage of the various spots and conditions along the coastline and for the young kids looking to learn to windsurf, they will enjoy the quieter waters where the Lima river meets the ocean.


A perfect family hotel in West Portugal is Hotel FeelViana. The modern and luxurious bungalows are perfect for families with excellent views of the sea. This hotel is focused on active tourism which means its sports centre has loads of fun sports equipment to rent for both land sports and most water sports.  The kids will have so much to do and see.


Le Morne, Mauritius

Le Morne is a dream spot for a windsurfing family with a white sandy beach, a turquoise lagoon and shallow water. The whole lagoon is surrounded by a reef, providing a big lagoon with shallow water for everyone to learn to windsurf. In the morning there are light winds which are perfect for the kid’s lessons.


Quite possibly the best resort for families is the St Regis in Le Morne. This luxurious hotel is situated on an idyllic beach, surrounded by a tranquil lagoon of turquoise waters. The hotel boasts one of the best kids clubs in the world which gives kids the opportunity to experience many different activities. The Children’s Club offers an exciting schedule of energetic, creative and highly satisfying activities. This hotel also provides amazing value for money that is unmatched at this time of the year. The UK’s summer months mean windy winter in the southern hemisphere where you can look forward to temperate days and consistent winds with reduced hotel prices that offer unmatched luxury at unbeatable rates allowing you to get out of crowded Europe this summer!


Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Fuerteventura has always been regarded as an excellent family windsurf holiday destination with extremely reliable wind. Only a short flight from the UK, this destination is perfect for a family windsurfing holiday with many hotels offering good family facilities. 


A great family hotel is the Meliá Gorriones Hotel which is located in the south of Fuerteventura. The hotel is perfectly located along a 30km long stretch of beach. There are plenty room choices that can accommodate families of all sizes. The hotel has a great mini club for kids between 5 and 12 years old and has a water sports centre where the kids can learn to windsurf. There is also a gym, volleyball court, tennis courts and even a chance to check out the stars in the hotel’s own observatory!


Limnos, Greece

It is time to discover the stunning island of Limnos with its beautiful beaches and fascinating traditional villages. Perfectly located away from the mass tourism of other Greek islands, Keros Bay offers sun, consistent wind and perfect flat waters and waves for windsurfing. You can expect perfect Mediterranean weather especially during the summer months from June to September. 


A perfect spot for your family holiday is the Keros Blue hotel. This brand new seaside complex opened in 2016 and is located within five minutes walking distance of Keros Beach which is one of the biggest windsurf spots in Greece. The hotel offers a family house which can accommodate families of all sizes. With perfect views over the beach and with tons of activities the whole family can enjoy, this hotel is a perfect choice for your family holiday.


Sal, Cape Verde

Take a short flight to the stunning Cape Verde islands and enjoy a great family holiday in Sal with amazing windsurfing and loads of activities. The bay at Santa Maria has a four kilometre stretch of beautiful white sandy beach. This is a great spot for learning to windsurf as well as intermediate windsurfers. For more experienced windsurfers and enthusiastic wave novices, Ponte Leme in Sal is perfect. At this spot you will find clean, unbreaking waves up to two metres.


The best spot to stay in Sal with your family is the Hotel Morebeza. This great hotel is located on the beautiful Santa Maria Beach on the southernmost part of the island. The accommodation is perfect for families with separate apartments surrounded by stunning gardens full of trees and flowers. The hotel has a fun kids club that offers all sorts of activities including swimming, table tennis and plenty of board games. There is also a sports centre to hire all sorts of fun equipment. 


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