9 things to do on holiday in Mauritius

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9 things to do on holiday in Mauritius

Mauritius is most certainly a dream destination for any avid traveller. The beaches are simply breathtaking while inland the landscape is dominated by large plantations of sugar-cane and stunning mountains and gorges, the incredible capital of Port Louis is full to the brim of fascinating culture and is a trading point for exotic fruit, vegetables and spices, and the trade winds blow all year-round across the stunning turquoise, flat water lagoons that surround the island. While the amazing luxury hotels in Mauritius offer so many all-inclusive activities that you may never want to leave, there is so much to enjoy on a holiday to Mauritius.

These are just a few of the best experiences!

1. Windsurfing in Mauritius

There may not be a better place in the world for windsurfing. Mauritius is lucky enough to be surrounded by many reefs that encircle and shelter the lagoons allowing for both buttery-flat water and awesome wave spots. This fantastic topography has been used to its fullest extent by many avid windsurfers.


Some of the best windsurfing conditions can be found at the south-western end of the island in Le Morne. Here you will find a shallow water lagoon with very consistent winds and just outside the lagoon are quite a few awesome wave spots like the famous “One-Eye”. Le Morne has everything any level of windsurfer would need. 


A happy alternative to the more popular Le Morne is up north in Anse La Raie. So if you are looking to surf with amazing wind conditions on a stunning flat-water lagoon without large crowds then this is the spot. There is an outer reef belt in this part of Mauritius that has created a huge lagoon that reaches out about 2.5km from the shoreline offering windsurfers a stunning flat-water playground to enjoy.


2. Hike to the waterfalls of Black River Gorge

For the avid adventurer, a visit to the largest national park in Mauritius is a must. This great national park is famous for its waterfalls, incredible vistas, and hiking.  The park extends over an area of 6,754 hectares, allowing you to discover Mauritius’s natural heritage in a location with one of the rarest forests in the world. This park is home to roughly 311 species of native and endemic flowering plants and nine species of birds which are only found in Mauritius.


3. Mauritian rum tasting

A visit to Mauritius would be incomplete without having tasted the variety of rums the island has to offer. Mauritius is a secret rum paradise. Visit the vast sugarcane plantations where the rum is produced on site in fantastic distilleries that offer amazing varietals. You can also enjoy tours of the old colonial estates that have been transformed into museums at many of the sugar cane farms.


4. Seven coloured earth of Chamarel

Chamarel is an isolated town in the south-west of Mauritius and has amazing viewpoints of the coast and the Black River National Park. Chamarel is also well known for its seven coloured earth. These dunes of volcanic earth display a number of different shades making it quite a sight to see. Purples, yellows and reds mold together to form a stunning colour palette. Also be sure to keep an eye out for the giant tortoises that roam here!


5. Snorkelling in Blue Bay

The Blue Bay Marine Park is situated on the south-east coast of Mauritius and has been a protected Marine Park since 1997. This stunning bay contains some of the most incredible coral beds and is home to an abundance of marine life. Here you will see huge shoals of surgeonfish that continually cross over the reef as well as parrotfish, moorish idols and damselfish.


6. Visit the markets in Port Louis

Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius and has one of the largest markets you will find on the island. At this market you will find fresh fruit and vegetables, a variety of local cuisine and various handcrafted goods. The market here is quite famous and has been a centre of the local economy for many decades. Take a walk through the stalls and watch the locals at work and don’t forget to pick up a souvenir. 


7. Swim with the dolphins

Swimming with dolphins has to be one of the most moving experiences in Mauritius. Tours take you out into the dolphin’s natural habitat where you can explore the spectacular lives of these intelligent marine mammals. Jump in the crystal clear waters and enjoy an encounter with the dolphins in the open sea.


8. Cultural excursions in Mauritius

Mauritius has a vast and fascinating blend of cultures. This island is rich in cultural diversity and this can be easily seen in the many interesting traditions and languages that you will come across. There are all sorts of churches, mosques, temples, and Chinese pagodas scattered around the island. Make sure you explore the island and experience the local customs and educate yourself about colourful Mauritian folklore and festivals.  


9. Taste the local cuisine

Mauritian street food is definitely some of the best in the world. There is a unique mix of Creole, African, Indian and Chinese influences, so the local dishes are always bursting with intricate flavours. Walk through the markets and try the local street food or visit Grand Baie and try out some of the fine dining in this pictursque coastal area. Your taste buds will thank you!


So now you know that there is so much more to Mauritius than just amazing windsurfing conditions! Contact us to help you plan your Mauritian adventure!