Introducing Limnos in greece for your next windsurf holiday

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Introducing Limnos in greece for your next windsurf holiday

Limnos is an idyllic Greek Island located in the north of the Aegean Sea and is one of the largest islands of Greece. This island boasts one of the best beaches in Greece for windsurfing. 


The island of Limnos is still little known for its windsurfing making it an uncrowded paradise! The locals are very friendly and the natural surroundings are some of the most stunning in the world. The island is ideal for family vacations, for relaxation on the beach and for that perfect windsurf holiday.

Windsurfing in Limnos

On Limnos you will find Keros Bay, this stunning bay offers sun, consistent wind, shallow, flat turquoise waters and waves. It is a unique spot in that it offers windsurfers of all levels something to enjoy all on the same beach. Keros Bay also offers excellent weather during the summer months from June to September. The summer conditions include plenty of sunshine, an average temperature of 25 to 30 degrees Celsius, incredibly warm water and very little rain. Don’t worry about a wetsuit during these summer months, but perhaps bring along a 3mm wetsuit towards the end of the summer season, just in case.


The bay here is a very safe spot and the bottom is nice and sandy so no booties needed, also the water is clean, clear and shallow for about 80-150 meters from the shore. The beaches are sandy and wide making it very easy to rig up your equipment. The tidal movements are not huge so the so the water level stays almost the same throughout the day.


This great spot offers a variety of conditions. Super flat water, small chop and gentle waters, all within walking distance of the centre, make this a perfect place to learn to windsurf.


Accommodation in Limnos

Just a few minutes away from one of the best beaches on Limnos is the newly built Keros Blue Hotel. 


The accommodation offers eight houses consisting of 17 Double Deluxe rooms as well as a Family House with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and kitchen. Each room includes a flat-screen TV. All units feature a seating area where you can relax. Enjoy stunning views of the sea from the sun terrace of each unit.


The idyllic surroundings make for an incredibly relaxing Grecian holiday and with the perfect windsurfing beach just minutes away it is also a perfect base for your windsurf holiday.

Things to see in Limnos

One of the top must-see activities on the island is a visit to the castle which offers incredible views towards the Chalkidiki peninsula and Mount Athos as well as other surrounding islands such as Samothrace and Imvros.


The sunsets are truly breathtaking in Limnos, the landscape is rough, the vineyards are lovely and the local architecture is very interesting and diverse.


A visit to the main town of Myrina is not to be missed. Visitors to this town are charmed by the old neoclassical mansions, Ottoman buildings, and fountains, traditional houses and narrow streets. Take a walk along the waterfront and enjoy the plethora of restaurants and traditional taverns.


Limnos is an ancient island with a rich history. Here you will find numerous archaeological sites worth visiting. One of them is Ancient Poliochni which is considered the oldest city in Europe. The first settlement that constructed in the area dates back to 4.000 B.C.

The uncrowded waters of Limnos await you! Contact us to help plan your next windsurfing holiday to Limnos!