All you need to know about windfoiling

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All you need to know about windfoiling

Foil windsurfing is on everybody’s mind nowadays and is a true revolution in the sport. You may be sceptical about the whole foiling thing, but everyone we know that has tried foiling only has positive things to say about it. The negative comments usually come from people who haven’t even tried windfoiling yet! Foiling is fun and addictive, so before bashing it, give it a try!

Windsurfing legend, Robby Naish, summarised the foiling craze in two sentences, “Foiling is about making windsurfing fun again, like in the good old days, where you were sailing whatever the conditions. Get back on the water in winds that you would otherwise not even think about going out in.”

Today, Planet Windsurf Holidays even offers the possibility to try windfoiling in a number of the destinations we work with. A windfoiling holiday is perfect if you would like to try it before investing in foiling equipment, which is unfortunately still quite expensive.


Windfoil jump by Philippe Caneri of Horue ©Horue

Here is what you need to know about windfoiling:

The perfect light wind weapon

Windfoiling is the perfect weapon for when there is not enough consistent wind for traditional shortboards. Windsurfing full-speed in 8 to10 knot conditions with small sails is now possible. Foiling offers a completely new dimension to the sport, as it gives amazing sensations of freedom, getting out on the water when you otherwise wouldn’t. A true revolution!

Learning to foil

Windfoiling is easy to learn if you know how to windsurf already. You may find it difficult at first as you’ll need to understand the influence of your body weight and find the right position on your board. But after only a couple of hours, you should finally manage to take off on your first flight.

Weather conditions for windfoiling

Even if the goal is to get flying in very light wind conditions (under 10 knots), we would recommend that you start foiling with at least 12-15 knots and a relatively small sail (5 or 6m²). That way, you will easily experience the lift given by the foil, and the rig will be light and easy to manoeuvre. You will only need to concentrate on your body position on the board to control the height.

Windfoiling is perfect for everyone

Windfoiling is far less physical than regular windsurfing, as you are flying above the sea, without creating friction on the water’s surface. You will, therefore, need smaller sails for the same wind conditions, and you will not be physically tired after a session. The right sail size should be about 2 square metres less than what you would usually use. This makes windfoiling suitable for everybody, whatever age, size or gender.

Stay safe while windfoiling

Windfoiling is not a dangerous sport, however, at first you will “catapult” crash, reminding you of your very first steps on a windsurf board. Don’t be scared, crashes will not be violent due to the low speed when learning. However, you should take some precautions and wear a helmet and an impact vest. We also recommend wearing a wetsuit and boots even in warmer climates, just in case you kick the foil with your legs.

Let’s get out on the water!

We hope our advice will give you the right start in discovering an amazing new level of windsurfing. Want to know why windfoiling is the future of windsurfing? Are you eager to check out how to master the foiling jibe in three easy steps? Or perhaps you want to discover the best impact vests out there? Whatever you are searching for in the foiling world, you can find it all in one, easy place – check out Windfoil Zone’s blog to get other tips and tricks to improve your windfoil skills or contact us to start planning your windfoiling holiday now!


Balz Müller “buttfoiling” ©Christian Wolfensberger

(Featured image of William Huppert and Pierre Mortefond by Lokefoil / Fanatic)