Windsurf Sardinia: Europe’s best kept secret

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Windsurf Sardinia: Europe’s best kept secret

When you’re listing the best windsurfing destinations in Europe, a few obvious candidates come to mind? Greece, with its islands of Kos and Rhodes, is famous for its superb conditions. Tarifa in Spain, one of the windiest places in the world, is also well known. As are the Algarve, Turkey and even Corsica.

All these destinations offer reliable winds, short travel times from the UK, and a great windsurfing infrastructure. Some are superb family holiday destinations, with a great selection of hotels and amenities. But they can all get busy, especially during high season when you have to fight for space in the water.

So, wouldn’t it be great if there were a spot in the Med that boasted all of the above but hadn’t been discovered by the crowds? Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Sardinia.

The windsurfing
This stunningly beautiful island in the Med is where you’ll find white sand and crystal clear waters. You really don’t have to travel to the Caribbean to find it.

The main windsurfing spot is Porto Pollo, a small bay on the north coast of the island. It’s a short drive from the island’s airport and the available accommodation. But it’s well worth the travel time. These are some of the best conditions in the Med. The huge bay is calm enough to be perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers, with the more experienced heading a bit further out for stronger winds and waves.

The sand dunes along the beach offer shelter to those taking their first few steps in the water, and also make a great beach for the family to enjoy some time together.

The season
Conditions really start to pick up in April and the season lasts right the way through to October. Unlike in a number of other major Med spots, the best conditions are not interrupted by the high tourist season when the resorts fill up and the waters get too busy.

The wind
Depending on the time of year, there are four main winds that blow at Porto Pollo. In the spring you’ll feel the Tramontana from the North East. The summer seas the Poniente blow in from the South/West. The legendary Sirocco hits in the autumn from North Africa, with gusts up to force 9.

The island
It’s not just excellent windsurfing on Sardinia. Take a boat trip to the Magdelena Islands, where you can even see dolphins playing in the water. You can dive, sail and explore more of the island on horseback, so it’s ideal for family breaks.

Sardinia is a true hidden gem in the Mediterranean. So far it’s been protected from the hordes but it can only be so long before the secret gets out. Visit now to experience one of the Mediterranean’s last great, undiscovered windsurfing spots.