Windsurf and wellness in Bonaire

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Windsurf and wellness in Bonaire

Discover a fantastic yoga retreat and wellness destination in Bonaire. Surrounded by natural elements, Sorobon Beach & Wellness Resort, is the ultimate eco-wellness destination. The Sorobon Beach & Wellness Resort is a laid-back, beachfront hotel, situated in the heart of a beautiful protected bay on the tranquil side of the island of Bonaire, in the Dutch Carribean. going for a swim is just steps away from your chalet’s porch and into the maze of pristine turquoise waters. In-between, windsurfers glide in and out a top of the breathtaking bay, a beautiful Blue Lagoon which is inhabited by more than 1500 turtles, rays, lobsters,

Here, the windsurfing area is just steps away from your chalet’s porch and the pristine turquoise waters of the beautiful blue lagoon which is inhabited by more than 1,500 turtles, rays, lobsters, and other spectacular marine life. Moreover, the chalets are built from wood and natural materials with outdoor rope-slung hammocks and open air showers. TV and phones are NOT provided in the chalets and the beach is completed with thatched cabanas, beach beds and lounge chairs.

The island’s natural elements are most prominent on the east side of the island where the Sorobon Beach & Wellness Resort is located, making it the ideal location for a windsurfing and yoga retreat. The Sorobon Beach & Wellness Resort’s windsurfing and yoga retreat is run by international yoga experts who are passionate about what they do and includes a complete wellness package with wellness menus (with vegan, non-diary and gluten-free menu items), yoga classes, personal training and spa services.

This side of the island has an inland, salty breeze which creates: ‘Natural Halo Therapy’ where your body and mind will be cleaned, healed and peeled with the finest salt and mineral parts taken by the wind from above the ocean. This continuous salty breeze promotes better breathing, a healthier skin, sounder-sleep, rejuvenates, exfoliates and detoxifies the skin, enhancing physical fitness and overall wellness. Besides the salty breeze, swimming in the unspoilt salty ocean has proven to be one of the best ways to relieve stress, promoting cellular regeneration, helping to heal a myriad of skin disorders with good minerals and magnesium that keep the nervous system running at its best and helps absorb oxygen.

Bonaire also continues to be recognised as one of the top destinations worldwide for its sustainable tourism practices. Bonaire has a long history of nature preservation, and always seeks to find the delicate balance between environmental protection and growth while maintaining nature and culture. Bonaire was one of the first Caribbean islands to collaborate with the Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF) to conserve their reefs. By launching a program to cultivate new corals, specifically the Staghorn and Elkhorn corals, Bonaire will be able to preserve the reef’s genetic diversity.

So contact us today to book a windsurfing holiday that is all about wellness at the Sorobon Beach & Wellness Resort in Bonaire. Book the windsurfing and yoga seven-night package with one of our experts or if you travel between 9 September and 16 December 2017 stay 7 nights and only pay for 6 or stay 14 nights and only pay for 10!