A windsurfer’s review of Karpathos

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A windsurfer’s review of Karpathos

One of Planet Windsurf Holiday’s clients, David Shaw, recently booked a windsurfing holiday to stunning Karpathos in Greece. In his words, “Karpathos is a fantastic windsurfing destination for the windsurfing enthusiast.” Karpathos, which is located in the eastern South Aegean sea and is 46 km north-east of Rhodes, offers an originality not found on many Greek islands with deserted beaches, idyllic mountain villages, and cozy tavernas. Karpathos is a magnet for windsurfers returning year after year, thanks to the wind record.


Read more about David’s trip below:

“In 15 days we had the opportunity to windsurf on all days. It never really stopped blowing. 


© David Shaw

In Chicken Bay it was possible for the children to have lessons and progress with a nice sandy shore and a sand bank. Gunn Bay was much windier with Devils Bay (which followed on from Gunn) generally being 5 knots more than Gunn and Chicken.


© David Shaw

The hotel we stayed at, Irini Hotel, is ideally situated just one mile from the airport (but you never hear the planes) and it is five minute walk from the windsurfing centre at Gunn Bay. The Chicken Bay centre is a further seven minute walk but the equipment you use is interchangeable from one site to the other which gives you the flexibility of using either bay, or both, on a given day.


© David Shaw

The staff at Irini Hotel could not have been more friendly and the hotel was spacious and peaceful with a very nice pool. The buffet meals were great with a huge variety of dishes on offer, meaning we never got bored of the choices for either breakfast or dinner.


© David Shaw

We got away for a couple of days to explore the island which is very mountainous and a trip to Olympos village is well worth the hairpin mountain roads. You can also do some surfing at Finiki and dine at some great fish restaurants. If you want to shop you would have to drive to the capital, some 20-30 minutes away.


Getting to Karpathos involves a night flight and a change at Athens. Coming back is a morning flight with the same change. But this is a small price to pay because if it’s a quiet holiday with fantastic windsurfing that you’re after then I can’t think of a better destination!”