A windsurf holiday guide to Brazil

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A windsurf holiday guide to Brazil

Brazil offers everything you could want from a windsurfing break. There is flat water, waves, vast lagoons and reliable wind. And more often than not you can find this all within a short distance of each other.

Brazil is also a vibrant country with a huge amount to offer, including pristine rainforest, tropical islands and lively cities. There is stunning colonial architecture, unique wildlife and a seemingly never-ending coastline. And for windsurfers, this is where the real fun is to be had.

Water temperatures are a steady 27 degrees and there is reliable wind throughout the day, especially in the high season which runs from September to March in most destinations. And although it’s a long-haul flight from the UK or Europe, the accommodation and cost of living in Brazil is affordable, offering great value for money.

There are plenty of windsurfing spots in Brazil, particularly around the coastline to the north of Fortaleza. There’s not time to tell you about them all so we have handpicked three of our favourites to give you an idea of what’s on offer.



This is the rising star of the Brazilian windsurfing scene, located in the region of the Rio Grande do Norte. The transfer is just over an hour from Natal International Airport so it’s relatively easy to access. There is a great combination of reliable wind, affordable accommodation and a friendly atmosphere. The locals are very welcoming to windsurfers and overall there is a really relaxed vibe with fantastic boutique hotels and amazing cuisine. But hurry, because Gostoso’s secret is out and things are changing quickly.




Also located in northern Brazil, Icaraizinho is a peaceful location has got bags of charm and great windsurfing conditions for all levels with a fantastic sustainable hotel located right on the spot. This once small fishing village is growing, adding more amenities to the great conditions, but still maintaining its laid-back charm. It’s the smallest of our three favourite Brazil windsurf sites but ideal for about a week on the water, and you can always combine it with a few days in one of the other nearby destinations or a tour of this magnificent country.




With some of the most reliable wind anywhere in the world, especially from July to October, the small fishing village of Jericoacoara has been transformed into a windsurfing Mecca. The town bustles with bars and restaurants, with ample affordable accommodation to be found and more high-end options opening all the time. It can get a little busy during high season, largely because the conditions are so good, but the party atmosphere really makes up for that.


At all of our featured Brazil windsurfing spots, we have handpicked accommodation options offering you the best of what’s available. We select our accommodation based on value, comfort levels and convenience for windsurfing, so you can be sure you’re getting the very best. Brazil’s windsurfing scene is still in its infancy compared to other destinations, but the infrastructure is growing. So right now, it’s in a sweet spot between retaining its local charm and relaxed atmosphere and offering a good choice of facilities. Which is why we highly recommend it for your next windsurfing adventure.