Boa Vista: Wind Reliable Short-haul Winter Destination

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Boa Vista: Wind Reliable Short-haul Winter Destination

If you are looking for the best short-haul flat water windsurf destination over the winter months then it HAS to be Boa Vista. The centre is now under new management and they have been in touch with an updated of what is in store this year so we thought we’d give you a taster! The season is already in full flight so if you don’t want to miss out give our team a call on 01273 921 001 today. 

A message from Felix:

The 2016/2017 team is a team of waterman and waterwomen, they all love to be on the ocean and play with the elements. Doesn´t matter if they go out with the windsurf, the kite, the surfboard or the SUP-board. For them just being out on the water is a real pleasure.

Here we go:

  • Ulrich Frank, is German, speaks German, English, Italian. He is giving lessons for windsurfing, kitesurfing and SUP
  • Percy Sandhoff, is German, speaks German, English. He is giving lessons for windsurfing, kitesurfing, sup and surfing. He is quite good in all disciplines and a real Ocean lover. If there is less wind he will be also on the foil kitesurfing.
  • Helena Reifenspies, is German, speaks German, English, and French. She also gives lessons for windsurfing, kite, sup and surfing.
  • Tabea Raue, is German, speaks German, English, some French. She is supporting the team wherever she can and is there to help all our clients to make their vacation the best time of the year.
  • Simon, is a real local, born on Boavista and living the Capeverdian real life. He is a very good and passionate windsurfer and one of the best surfers in the bay. His style is very unique and worth watching him. He gives lessons for surfing and sup and speaks English and Italian and Kreol.
  • Pulitcha is another local with a very big heart. He loves to be out with our clients to surf and stand-up when the sun goes down. He speaks English, Italian and Kreol.

The centre is equipped with latest stuff from Severne and Starboard as well as some really nice stuff from GOYA also.

Beside windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing and SUP rentals, storage and lessons we do offer some side activities to our clients such as:

  • BBQ with fresh fish at the nearby dune and,
  • Road trips to other wave spots around the island. We just did that when I was there an it was really big fun and a never forgotten adventure.

That was just a brief overview of Boavista.  I really would like to thank you for your support in 2016 and I´m pretty much looking forward for the 2017 season.


So what are you waiting for? Call us on 01273 921 001 to book!