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We were recommended the Martinhal. At the price we paid it was very good - a real bargain and we loved the resort. We had read some negative reviews about the Martinhal and don't agree with them. It is a great hotel with huge rooms, friendly staff, great breakfast, a beautiful location and lots of activities offered. It was all great on the first day. On the second, my husband had a different instructor, who didn't pay attention at all. My husband, who is a first timer, was heading towards a rocky area and the instructor never noticed. He fell, couldn't get up, and still nothing. He hurt himself and people at the beach came to help. Only then did the instructor, who had been on the phone all along, came by. If it weren't for that, we would have been very satisfied as all else went really well. The weather did affect the conditions and made it appropriate for advanced level only, but before that it was perfect.


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