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Windsurf Ambassadors

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to become a Planet Ambassador?! As the UK’s leading windsurf travel specialists we’re always on the look our for people that share our passion for windsurfing. Like you we’ve been in the industry for quite a while and are proud to be the absolute authority on windsurf holidays and destinations worldwide. We’re really interested in joining forces with like-minded individuals who have an interesting story to tell. If you are interested in becoming a Planet Windsurf Ambassador take a look at our presentation for more details and contact us to Sign Up.

Colin ‘Whippy’ Dixon Windsurf Coach

I went to Australia in 2000 after my mate Luke twisted my arm. That changed my life, first time windsurfing in boardshorts. I got my first windsurfing job in Cornwall and that changed my life. In 2003 I joined the Club Vass gang and have worked with them ever since. For me this was my dream job, working in the sun, windsurfing every day in a warm and windy place and getting taught and pushed by windsurf legends.…

Tom Brendt Pro Coach & Photographer

Tom Brendt started as Windsurf Instructor at Lake Reschen in Northern Italy and the first complete Season in Lefkas / Greece for Happy Surf... later at Boavista, Egypt, El Yaque, Lake Garda, Tarifa, Baltic Sea and many more Places for Happy Surf and Planet Windsurf.

In 2002 he started with Windsurf Events when he worked for the Young Guns Camps at Lake Garda and Fuerteventura.…

Guy Cribb Pro Windsurfer & Coach

Guy Cribb is Britain’s professional windsurfing coach, delivering windsurfing courses all over the world and the UK offering you the fastest and most enjoyable progression in our sport. Guy’s thoroughbred professional history in windsurfing gives him the unique position to develop your sailing from any level, to any level. Devoted to ensure you achieve all your windsurfing goals and surpass all your hopes and expectations of a windsurfing trip, Guy is committed to your personal progression and enjoyment both on and off the water, with his legendary INtuition clinics.…

Kauli Seadi 3 x World Wave Champion

2015 2nd NoveNove Aloha Classic 2013 3rd JP Aloha Classic Wave 2012 ranked 7th overall PWA Wave 2011 ranked 3rd overall PWA Wave 2010 ranked 4th overall PWA Wave 2009 2nd, Overall PWA Wave 2008 PWA World Champion Wave 2007 PWA World Champion Wave 2007 1st Mormaii Ibiraquera Wave Contest, Sal, Cabo Verde 2nd, Guincho 2nd.…